Sunday, January 27, 2013

(CLOSED) Blogiversary Giveaway!!!!

Hello Everyone!! Today is a very special day!! I have officially been blogging for a year!!! YAY!!!  To celebrate, a bunch of brands and myself have come together to present an amazing giveaway!!  I sincerely hope you love it!!  The Rafflecopter entry form will be posted at the end of this post.

I have to thank each and everyone one of you for your continued support.   I noticed today that I hit over 800 fans following my blog!! What an honor to have you all here!!!  I have had a blast sharing with you and am so glad you visit her to read my reviews!  I can't believe how far I've come and only hope that I can continue to learn and grow.  I look forward to what 2013 brings and plan to have a year in review soon, where I want to highlight some of my favorite colors and blog posts!!

This giveaway will be broken up into three prizes (Three is my fave number!)!!  More prizes are coming (yay!), so I will continue to update this post as packages arrive!  Once I have everything, I can figure out the three prizes! Some of these polishes have been previously posted about, so I will include the link if you'd like to see more pictures and the review.  The other polishes will be reviewed in the next few weeks as the giveaway is being held.

Instead of listing each brand's info in the Rafflecopter for points, I wanted to keep it simple with my information.  However, I highly recommend checking out each brand as listed here.  All are great and I am so excited that three of you will have the opportunity to try them.

Thank you again!! And Best Wishes to you all!  Here are the goodies!!!

Updated 1-30-13 with more prizes!!

One mini Tryst Lacquer each prize will be given away in the colors Sweet Nothings, So Into You, and What A Girl Wants.  Thank you to Kimberly for donating these beauties!!!

One Frankenstine Polish May The Schwartz Be With You will be given away.  You can see my previous post HERE!
You can check out Christine, the owner, Facebook page for swatches of other colors! She is also on Instagram as @christineambrosia and has swatches there as well!!  Here is some info on her ordering!
Until I get my online store up and running, you can place polish purchases directly through me. You can send me an email to I can ship polishes to anywhere...or, if you live close, you can pick up or I can drop off!
Polish Prices: Mini bottles are $4.00 each (I only have mini bottles of my colors available at this time).  Shipping: $3.50 & Up (depending on amount you order due to weight).  If you have any questions, or would like to order you may e-mail me at or you can KIK me @ Frankenstine Polish.
One Frankenstine Polish Creature From The Black Lagoon will be given away.  You can see my previous post - HERE.  This one is very rare!!!  I am so excited for a reader to win this!  A huge thank you to Christine for her donations to the giveaway!
I decided to place an order with Cult Nails and a few goodies also jumped in the cart...hehe!  These shades will be retiring, so I picked them up before they are gone!  You can purchase Cult Nails at  Cult Nails is one of my favorite brands!  They have excellent formula and and colors!
One Cult Nails Baker will be given away!  You can see my previous post - HERE!
One Cult Nails Devious Nature will be given away.  You can see this used in a previous post - HERE!
One Cult Nails Engimatic will be given away.  I will try to get a review posted soon!  I forgot how beautiful this is!  This is 3 coats with Wicked Fast top coat.
One Enchanted Polish Spinkled will be given away!! Click Enchanted Polish - Spinkled for my previous post.

You can purchase Enchanted Polish at, and stay up to date with Enchanted Polish on Facebook.  I recommend checking out the Llarowe and Harlow & Co. shops to see other pretties by Enchanted Polish! There are some amazing colors available, but a lot are out of stock! They restock quite a bit, so make sure to follow them on Facebook for shop updates, Llarowe - Facebook and Harlow & Co. Facebook.

Click HERE to see this post with Spinkled layered!

One Aphrodite Lacquer Violent Delights will be giveaway!  This polish will be reviewed soon!!  Thank you to Rebecca for donating this bottle!

This is Violent Delights layered over Mod About You!

For ordering, you can shop at  To stay up to date on Aphrodite Lacquer, you can follow by Facebook and Twitter (@AphroditeLacque).

One Pretty Chameleon by Pretty & Polished will be given away!  This review will be coming soon.  This is a temperature changing polish that shifts from white to pink!

One of my all time favorites, one Party on my Yacht will be given away!  You can view it here - Pretty & Polished - Party on my Yacht.

You can purchase Pretty & Polished on Etsy or Pretty & Polished on MyShopify.  You can also find out more information, upcoming collection information, along with swatches on Pretty & Polished - Facebook and at

Here is Party on my Yacht layered! You can view this at the end of the post - HERE!

Daring Digits has donated a ton of polishes for you guys!! A HUGE thank you to Ashley!!  Each winner will be able to try three different colors!!  Ashley even created a custom for me, which two lucky winners will be able to try!!  You can find Daring Digits polishes at  For more info and to stay up to date, follow Ashley on Instagram - @daringdigits, blog -, and Facebook.

Three Master Shake polishes will be given away.  My original post - Daring Digits - Master Shake.

Two Daring Digits Love Me Tender polishes will be given away!!! This is my custom!! I am in love with it :-)  Each bottle is marked, and I kept #3 because, of course, it's my fave number.  So #1 and #2 are looking for new homes.  This will be reviewed soon.

Two Darings Digits Holy Fire will be given away!  This will be reviewed soon.

Two Daring Digits Frosted Lights will be given away.  This will be reviewed soon!

A huge thank you to Jen of Wonder Beauty Products for donating two bottles for the giveaway! You can purchase Jen's products on Etsy, at Wonder Beauty Products. Polishes range from $10-11. Also, you can also see upcoming colors and get updates from her Blog and Facebook! I also see Jen, the owner, do a lot of fun giveaways too, so I would follow her to stay up to date on information!! She's on Twitter too - @WonderJenProd.

One Wonder Beauty Products Kismet will be given away!!  This will be reviewed soon!!

One Wonder Beauty Products Let's Play Footsie will be given away!! This will be reviewed soon!!

One Smarty Lacquer Always and Forever will be given away!!  This will be reviewed soon.  You can find Smarty Lacquer on Etsy.  Zoe, the owner, is on Instagram as @only_at_Shelbys and her blog,

One Lush Lacquer Birthday Cake will be given away!! A big thank you to Karin and Lexi for donating a bottle!  And how fitting, everyone needs Birthday Cake on their birthday!! ;-)  Happy Birthday Blog! hehe  You can see my original post - Lush Lacquer - Birthday Cake.

For purchasing, you can shop on Etsy -  They are also on Facebook - here!  They just released about 20 new shades, so make sure to check them out!

Here is Birthday Cake layered!  I used this for my birthday mani, which you can see the post - Here!

One Sindie Pop Electric Purple will be given away!  You can see my blog post Here!

One Sky Sparkle will be given away!! Here it is with 1 coat.

A huge thank you to Jessica, the owner, for donating these two bottles! These are already available at Individually they sell for $9.00. Make sure you find Jessica on Facebook - Sindie POP Lacquer, Twitter (@sindiepop), or Instagram (@sindiepoplacquer) for her sales updates and new color releases!

Here is 2 coats.  You can see the full blog post for more pictures - Here!

One Laquerlicious Cloudless Day will be given away.  This will be reviewed soon!

You can purchase at Laquerlicious - Etsy. A few polishes are for sale for $5 and $6.50, with regular price at $8.50! You can also shop at Laquerlicious - Big Cartel.  You can stay up to date about Laquerlicious by following Michelle on Twitter - @NailChickMich or on Instagram as @CreativeNailChick. You can now find Michelle on Facebook!!! Make sure to check her out ;-) She always posts the sale items, so that's how I was able to snag a couple at a great price for the giveaway!  Thank you, Michelle!

One Invitation Only will be given away. You can see my blog post on this - Here!

One Zoya Aurora will be given away.  This will be reviewed soon!  You can purchase Aurora HERE!  This is a Share the Love link, which is a way for me to earn points through them! So cool for me, but you guys can get something too! See what Zoya wrote: Remember EVERYONE WINS with "Share the Love": When someone clicks on your personal link and sets up an online account, a $5 coupon a coupon for a FREE Bottle of Zoya Nail Polish will automatically be placed in their account and can be used immediately on their current order. TIP: If you use this coupon and add 2 more polishes to your order, you get free shipping too! The coupon will appear in the "My Coupons/ Promos" section of their "My Account" Page.
Pretty great deal! And actually I got a bottle of their Qtica Growth Stimulator (another link!) for the price of shipping (a $20 value!) through all their gifts of Share the Love points - didn't even do anything!  Zoya had other promotions over the Holiday season, so they should be bringing back more prizes for Share the Love points soon! YAY!  I have some more points that I can't wait to use. :-D

One Zoya Storm will be given away. This will be reviewed soon!  You can purchase Storm HERE!  Another Share the Love link! ;-)

This is my kitchen lighting, but I love how the holo glitters look!

One Polish Addict Jellyfish I will be given away!  There is another version of this, but this is the original.  This will be reviewed soon!

Laura, the owner, has a shop at Make sure you check it out, because she has some beautiful creations available!!  To stay up to date with Polish Addict for upcoming collections, restocks, and other business news, you can follow @polish_addict_34 on Instagram and check out Polish Addict on Facebook too!

Three Miss March Lacquer Shimmy polishes will be given away!  A review will be coming soon!  You can purchase at  Check Miss March Couture on Tumblr at for additional swatches, news, and store updates.

Jen from Miss March Lacquer also included 3 cuticle balms!!  I used mine and love it!! I will include a bit of info in the upcoming review for Shimmy!  A huge thank you to Jen for her donations for the giveaway!

Here is a little info that is posted on Etsy!! I thought it was so interesting!!
"The FIRST and ORIGINAL etsy nail shop to offer hand knitted couture, cuticle oil, balm & other bath & body products. I intend to keep my shop as original as possible. Just because every other polish shop has decided to jump on the bandwagon and offer cuticle oil & balms, does not mean that they are raising their own bees, collecting their own wax, and have been making their own bath and body products for years for their family like I have. Therefore my shop will take a new direction. In addition to the finest hand blended nail polish, I will be soon offering a cosmetics line, and additional bath and body products. These items are currently in the testing phase and will not be released until they are absolutely perfect."

Three different scents, Vanilla, Cottom Blossom, and Baby Powder!!

Three Lizzie Starr "City" hair tie packs and three Lizzie Starr "Smoke" headband packs will be given away!  A huge thank you to Elizabeth, the owner, for donating these packs!!  You can see my review on these - HERE!  I'm so excited that each winner will have the opportunity to try the ties and handbands!!

Here are some links for you to get special offers!! ♥ Visit us for special news, offers and coupon codes:
- Website: (sign up for our newsletter)
Here are the hair ties:

And here are the headbands:

Enter the Rafflecopter below!
Following Blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will allow only one point each, per person.  You may tweet this giveaway as many times as you would like, with one point given per day, per person.  This giveaway is open internationally - so best wishes and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Well there you have it!!  This is what I have so far, and again, more is coming!!  I don't have a blog post set up for tomorrow because this actually took quite a bit longer to set up than I thought it would!!  I hope you don't mind ;-)

Hope you have a great week and please pass this along so your friends can enter too!

Much Love,

*Thank you again for all the brands participating and donating!!  This giveaway wouldn't be what it is without your help and support!*


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