Monday, April 2, 2012

Pretty and Polished Pool Party and a Party on my Yacht combo!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  I had a girlfriend over Saturday night and we painted nails!!  ;-)  I showed her how I do my tape mani, which there are pictures below of my mani!  Her nails will be on a post soon too!  I love girl time, especially with a glass of wine and manis!! ;-)

Today I want to show you Pool Party!!! This was a special polish that Chelsea listed on her shop Pretty & Polished.  I'm not sure if she'll have more, but hopefully if the demand is there, she can still get the supplies to make it!  I think if you love glitter, love blue, and love jelly polish - you need this!  Honestly, even if you don't, you probably need this color! ;-)  Pool Party applied perfectly!  The glitter just went in place and is layered perfectly through the blue base!  I used 3 coats for the pictures.  It dried very well though, so it was quick to paint on!  I used no top coat in the pictures!  The glitter is in bars, squares, different size hexagons - it really is a party!  And the blue is perfecly pool like.  Stunning polish!  So glad I could pick this one up!

Keep an eye out on Wednesday, April 4 for her shop to be restocked!! You can find that HERE!  Because of the base shortage, so does write a note about not being able to stock as much as she normally does.  I sincerely hope all the Indie Brands can find a way to keep their shops open by another supplier!

sunlight - look at that bottle!!!

And below is the tape mani I did.  Party on my Yacht was a favorite of my friend, Dolly, so I knew I had to show her it!  I went through looking t see what to pair it with.  I almost did a blue (which probably would have been extremely pretty too), but ended up seeing Orly Ancient Jade at the last second!  I couldn't have picked better!  I absolutely love how this turned out!  It is just so - Spring-like!  I used 2 coats of Orly Ancient Jade, then used Poshe to dry, and did 1 coat over of Party on my Yacht!!  Finished up with some Wicked Fast Top Coat by Cult Nails. 



I hope you loved seeing a new Pretty and Polished and a twist on an oldie but a goodie!!  The best party about the Party on my Yacht base is that it is transparent and is GREAT for layering!!  I can't wait to try out some other combinations with it!  Pool Party could probably make an awesome combo too!  I have nothing but praise for Chelsea's work - she is truly amazing!

Hope you all have a great week!

Much Love,


  1. I have Party on my Yacht, it's lovely, but Pool Party is absolutely gorgeous! I haven't seen it in her store. I can't wait for her to restock:)Will definitely get this one.

  2. I like the color combo you used.

  3. Love them both! I want to try this with Party on my Yacht now.

  4. You know how I feel already! Love!!!

  5. Love the tape design with Party on my Yacht!

  6. I love Pool Party! It looks like it's name :P

  7. Dying for Pool Party! It was snatched out of my cart twice! :(