Sunday, April 23, 2023

Labradorite Launch!

Hey All!  It's been such a long time and I hope everyone has been doing well!  I decided it was time to part ways with some of my labradorite collection of palmstones.  I have so many and it's impossible to enjoy them all.  I know it's time they move along to their forever homes, so I look forward to watching these get souled!  I've listed these on eBay and they will be an auction set for a week.  I hope you like these!  They were some of my favorites back in 2016 but unfortunately were in a box after our move and I just refound them recently.  I fell in love with their beauty all over again while photographing and videoing them, so many beautiful flashes to discover!  I hope you enjoy a look at what's available!  For purchasing, you can head over to eBay - CrazyCombos for bidding.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great rest of your weekend!!

Much Love,

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

'Blindness' by Crystal @CrazyCombos

December 13, 2020

✨ Blindness ✨
There are those that are unable to see,
Some that wander, wondering where they should be,
Our minds so overwhelmed like a maze,
Trying to break through the foggy haze.
It isn’t until you hear the voice inside,
When you listen, and have no place to hide,
Only then can we find ourselves and share love,
Two of the greatest gifts given from above.
Finding balance is key,
Learning who we are meant to be.
Don’t forget what power can do,
Give into ego and you lose you.
We forget the gifts we’ve received,
And would rather believe we’ve been deceived.
If only we each did what was right,
Maybe then we’d have no reason to fight.


Pardon my scribbles but I free hand wrote THIS journal entry almost a year ago. Barb at convinced me to share in the spirit of the recent new moon in Libra so please enjoy! Use these words to see the beauty I see in each and every one of you. You have to see it in yourself though. Please don’t be blind to all that power within and let your technicolor brightness shine 🙏🏻🌈✨

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

JORD Watches

Press Sample

Hello Lovelies!  It's been a while, so I hope you've all been well.  Work has kept me busy, but I'm trying to make more time for my nail ladies (and gents), and painting them more often as well!  I always joke that I wish I had more hours in a day.  Wouldn't everyone love a few more hours of sleep? hehe

I'm really excited for a different kind of post today, featuring a wooden watch by JORD!  I've seen pictures of these watches before, and loved their look.  I started by taking pictures in my light box, but felt the pictures looked too bland to show off the beauty of the watch.  I decided to go outside to capture the natural look of the watch.  I have some great shots below!  The beautiful face is very reflective, and showed the greenery around me.

This is the Ely Series in Black available at JORD Watches.  There are many different styles to choose from for both men and women.  JORD offered to have it custom sized before it was sent to me, so it fits perfectly.  I love how lightweight it is, and how it shows the date.  The wood is beautiful, and the metal clasp is easy to secure and remove.

On their website, they have a frequently asked questions section, where I saw how to clean a wooden watch.  JORD recommends using two tablespoons each of olive oil and lemon juice, using a soft cloth.  Make sure to wring the cloth out, and apply with brisk strokes to keep an even coating of the mixture.  I thought this was interesting, since I have never owned a wooden watch before. 

They also talk about how wood will naturally develop a patina over time, and recommend using a beeswax, butcher block oil, or walnut oil to maintain the original appearance.  This will also keep the watch protected, keeping it from cracking or drying out.  It makes sense now that I think about it, as you would polish a metal watch, why wouldn't wood need some love too! 

I wore my watch last week with many different outfits.  I love how it added an extra bit of style of each outfit.  I felt it went with everything, and even matched the silver and black in my sandals! 

I love how my nails looked with the teal polish, Enchanted Daydream, and the wood together.  I felt they complimented each other well.  Below is a closer look at my nails.  Below is two coats and a top coat while in the sun.

Another view in my light box.

At my work, we have a beautiful roof deck garden.  It also happened that last week we were bombarded with butterflies.  Every time I walked outside, at least 10 would fly around me.  It was stunning, and I was able to capture some great shots of them while capturing the beauty of the JORD watch!  Below is my favorite picture.  On my nails is Enchanted Polish Entwined with two coats and a top coat.

All this rain we've been having is making the garden flourish.  I've been working in the city of Chicago two years now, but this being my third summer, I have never seen it so beautiful.  The sunflowers have just bloomed!  Isn't it beautiful?

I love how the face of the watch can be subtle and look like it's just a regular black, but then when the light hits it, you see that gorgeous texture!

Here are a few pictures of Enchanted Polish Entwined in the sun.  Again, this was two coats and a top coat.

I wore a maxi dress one day with a jean jacket.  Loved how the jacket buttons looked with the watch. 

Here is another look at Enchanted Polish Entwined in my light box.

Overall, my new JORD watch is an simple, yet stunning addition of style to my wardrobe.  I couldn't be happier to have a watch while commuting to the city, where I need to catch trains on a certain schedule.  It is a mechanical watch, so if not worn daily, you may need to wind it a bit, but it kept me on perfect track this week without having to dig my out my cell phone in my huge purse.
Thanks for reading!  I have a few other posts I hope to work on soon. 
Much Love,
*JORD watch product has been sent to me for honest review.  Enchanted Polishes have been purchased by me.  All thoughts and opinions in this post are that of my own.* 
Update 10/27/15 - I have accepted the JORD Preferred Partner Invitation.  I will receive compensation based on sales generated through my unique URL.