Friday, January 11, 2013

Lizzie Starr - Elastic Hair Ties

Hi Everyone!! Sorry about not having a post this morning, but I hope to make up for it now by posting a bunch of reviews tonight!!  This is one review I have been waiting to do because I was trying out the product!  I am very excited to talk to you about it!!  I don't know about you, but my hair is thin and easily breaks.  I heard about yoga ties (another name for these types of hair ties) from Lacy at (her blog is awesome and I highly recommend checking it out!!).  She said these hair ties help prevent breakage, don't fall out, and don't crease your hair!!  She directed me to Lizzie Starr on Etsy and I bought the Grab Bag 20 Random Elastic Hair Ties
I absolutely love these!!  Now, like I said, I do have fine hair and so it slightly creases on me, especially after the gym (I sweat, and I'm not afraid to admit that, LOL).  But these crease no where near what my other hair ties did!  But around the house if I throw my hair up, I can remove the hair tie and my hair looks great - like I didn't even have one in! 
These are SO much better for me.  I can tell the tension isn't as tight in a pony tail, yet it does stay perfectly in place while jumping around during my exercise class.  When I remove them, they easily slide out.  I notice a slight bit of stretching, but then I just wrap my hair an extra time around.  So far they haven't overstretched like my old hair ties used to do and I've been using the same two for the past two months (I grab which ever one I can find). 

Here are a few words from Elizabeth ("Lizzie"), the shop owner:
♥ Wonderfully comfortable hair ties and headbands that serve as a trendy bracelet while not in use. Gentle and easy on your hair/head. Heat sealed so they do not FRAY. Easy care - rinse/wash (mild soap), lay out flat on dry washcloth/towel to dry completely.

♥ Created and packaged with the utmost pride and care in a smoke & pet-free studio located in the good ole USA.

♥ Wholesale inquiries - contact us at LizzieStarrHairTies [dot] com

♥ TAX: Florida residents will have 6.5% sales tax added

- Orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days (usually within 24 hours)
- Rush Order requests - please contact me prior to purchasing for availability
- USPS First Class Shipping
- Upgraded shipping available - see listing and add to cart prior to checkout!
-Elizabeth ("Lizzie")
This is the bands that I use for a pony tail!
I received a promotion for a free head band - here is a comparison shot!! 
Here are some links for you to get special offers!!
♥ Visit us for special news, offers and coupon codes:
- Website: (sign up for our newsletter)
Really quick, just a simple pony tail - I think it's wrapped 3 times.
Kind of an ugly pic - my mirror looks dusty haha, but this is just another view. 
And the headband!!  I don't really use headbands for the gym, but I bet it would be great if you had bangs or loose pieces that you wanted out of your face!  I just like it as a little pop of color!
I hope you enjoyed this little post on these cool new hair ties!!  I like that the edges don't fray and they are stretchy and comfy!! 
Hope you are having a great day!!! I'm off to work on more posts ;-)
Much Love,


  1. These look great! The headband looks adorable on you!

  2. Omg they r amazing for cheerleading ^_^ !! You look cute in the handband (: xx

  3. Omg they r amazing for cheerleading ^_^ !! You look cute in the handband (: xx

  4. Those headbands are fantastic! I wear them to my karate class to keep my hair out of my face. It's hard to do a roundhouse kick & try to keep your bangs out of your face with your hand at the same time! ;)