Friday, September 14, 2012

Sindie POP If The Heel Fits and Enchanted Polish Spinkled

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!!  I have to apologize because I had NO sun yesterday! :-(  I have a few reviews to do and was all ready to swatch and it was cloudy and dark out.  Of course that would happen right?  So next week get ready for some awesome colors that are coming out!  I will have the Fall Collection by Sindie POP and a new to me Indie Brand, Frankenstein Polish!  I also have another gorgeous glitter from Imperial Nail Lacquer too!  :-)  Hopefully the sun will be out all weekend!  I also am going to look into building a light box, because the winter will be here before we know it - eeek!!
So I showed this on my Instagram because I was so in love with it.  Unfortunately, Sindie POP was unable to get the supplies for this glitter from her supplier, so it is no longer available.  Jessica is working on creating another version of it, so I will let you know if I hear anything!  Until then, you can shop her other amazing colors at her  Sindie POP Lacquer shop.
This is 2 coats of If The Heel Fits, based on Cinderella, from the Princesses Collection.  I used 1 coat of Wicked Fast for the top coat.  On Instagram, I mentioned it reminds me of Nerd Lacquer Shiny.  You can see that post HERE!  They have their differences and I love them both, but I do see similarities too!

There are tiny little holographic particles that shine through to give this polish an extra little sparkle!

So sometimes I get ideas to combine colors.  Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them.  I absolutely LOVE this combination!  It's been a while since I've had a combo I've really really loved.  This is it.  The jelly-like base of Spinkled turns this purplish color over the blue of If The Heel Fits!  Spinkled has bits of holographic glitters too, but instead of silver glitters, it has black.  I just love when polishes compliment each other like this.  In person it was so striking and beautiful!
I know I mentioned in my post the other day this won't be available yet...please don't hate me for sharing this combo!  I just had to!! I hope you!!  You can see my original post for Spinkled by Enchanted Polish, HERE!  So please enjoy these photos!  I know it's hard when you see polishes that aren't available, but I am sure there are others that you can make a similar combo with!! Hopefully this still gives you all some great ideas!! hehe
I recommend checking out the Llarowe and Harlow & Co. shops to see other pretties by Enchanted Polish! There are some amazing colors available, but a lot are out of stock! They restock quite a bit, so make sure to follow them on Facebook for shop updates, Llarowe - Facebook and Harlow & Co. Facebook.

They both have that holographic glitter, but of course If The Heel Fits wouldn't show it!  But do you see the blurry little glitters in Spinkled!?! YUM!


Sorry I spammed you guys with so many photos...I really couldn't help myself!!! Ok, so thank you for checking this out!  I hope you love it like I do!?!?! 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Much Love,


  1. I LOVE this combo!! It's so cool how "Spinkled" turns purple-ish over "If the Heel Fits." The black glitters also look awesome!! I'm dying to try a combo like this!

  2. I love blues :D and you make gorge combos. Keep it up xx