Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wreaths by Emma Ruth


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Hello Lovelies!! Today I wanted to quick show you some beautiful creations - Wreaths by Emma Ruth on Etsy.

Shabby Chic Lace Yarn Wreath in Pink and Cream with Korker Ribbon and Flowers

I posted the picture above on Instagram the other day, and I'm still incredibly in love with it.  Unfortunately, I couldn't think of a place to put it!! I joked that maybe I'll have to change my yellow polish room to pink...maybe Mr. CC wouldn't mind!??! :-D *wink wink*

This stunning wreath was made by an old friend of mine! Emily, her first name, and I have actually known each other since grade school.  It's crazy how fast the time flies! ;-)  I contacted her to make a similar type wreath with an accent of blue instead of pink, so I can hang it on my living room front door.  I'm so excited, as I've admired her work for quite a while.  Lucky for me, she didn't mind the custom or working with my current deฤ‡or! 

I wanted to spotlight some of Emily's work below!!  I contacted her to see if she might hold a giveaway for you, dear readers!! So please look for that in the beginning of 2014! Until then, head to her shop to see what's available!! You can contact her on Etsy for a custom order or international shipping quotes. She is also on Facebook currently hosting $5 off an order of available wreaths if you share her Facebook status - HERE

Lots of beauties!!

I love these next two!! They're similar, yet it just love all the differences! Kinda like polish haha!! These are NOT the same. They're SIMILAR :-D

She also will add lettering! (Additional costs, contact for details). 

Holiday fun ones!!

Gift ideas too!! How cute!!

Or letters that are too cute!

As I mentioned above, please stay tuned to my review and giveaway in 2014!! ;-) Until here - Wreaths By Emma Ruth!

Hope you all are well!! I'm still here swatching!! Hoping to have a few blog posts done soon, just been so busy, especially now with the Holidays here!!! Miss you all!!!

Much Love,


  1. WOw! Am certainly looking forward to see your customized wreath and what she might have for us, readers! Definitely loving everything I see here! Both of you are so talented :D