Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  I know the day is almost done here, but I hope you all enjoyed it!! I was so glad to see family, friends, and to have some time with Mr. CC, too!!  However, I didn't have very much time to get a post edited, so I will be back on Tuesday!!  Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

Oh!  And don't get too many pranks played on you tomorrow!! ;-)

Much Love,

Friday, March 29, 2013

Shimmer Polish - Tape Manis - Week 2

Hi Everyone!! We talked about last week how my name comes from my love of tape manis, so here we are again, with week two featuring Shimmer Polish!! And since Cindy, the owner, was kind enough to send me 10 different beautiful polishes, we will have a new tape mani every Friday for this 10 week event! I am so excited!! Aren't they gorgeous!?

Today, we'll be looking at Julie!  I have a friend named Julie :-)  And she is sweet and colorful like this polish!  Here are a couple bottle shots.

You can purchase Shimmer Polish HERE on Etsy. You can also visit the
Shimmer Polish Blog! for information and lots of swatches! And you can also stay up to date with
Shimmer Polish on Facebook and on Twitter - @ShimmerPolish.

I started with Sinful Colors as my bases, using 2 coats of each of (top to bottom) Sugar N Spice, Sweet Tooth, Sweet Nothing, and Unicorn.  I found these at my local Walgreen's store.  I then applied KBShimmer Clearly on Top to help the polish to dry very quickly!

Once that is dry, probably about 20 minutes or so, it's safe to use the tape! Of course, the longer you wait, there is less of a chance for smudges! If you are going to do a tape mani after wearing the polish for a day or two, I recommend reapplying the top coat to prevent the tape from pulling any of the original color with it!

When I do a tape mani, I apply the tape to my hand a few times to remove some of the tackiness of the tape. I lay it diagonally on the nail and with the clear tape, you can make sure the edges are flat against the nail. I do each nail individually with tape, then apply the polish. Once applied, I remove the tape and move the next nail. By the time that is finished, I add top coat and this is how it turns out!

I love all the glitters in Julie!  With Easter coming on Sunday (already?? lol), I decided to go with something bright and creamy, but the added glitter almost makes me think of decorated eggs!!  I love how this turned out!

Of course the beautiful thing about multi colored glitter, is that it looks great with almost anything, which is what I wanted to also show!  I think each base brings out the different glitters.  I love the versatility of Julie!

And some close ups!!  Don't drool too much ;-)

In case you missed last week's mani, here it is!!  You can see more information about it HERE!

I hope you are enjoying the Shimmer Polish tape manis so far!! Please check back next week for the next tape mani! ;-)

In case you missed above, you can purchase Shimmer Polish HERE on Etsy. You can also visit the
Shimmer Polish Blog for information and lots of swatches! And you can also stay up to date with
Shimmer Polish on Facebook and on Twitter - @ShimmerPolish

Have a great weekend!!!  Happy Easter!!!!

Much Love,

*This polish was sent to me for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nail Sauce - Space Junk!

Hello Everyone!!! Today I have the gorgeous Space Junk by Nail Sauce!! I have heard about this for a while and was lucky enough to snag it during a secret restock on her site!  She posted some inventory and I happened to be checking her store that same week and ordered! WOOHOO!!  I can see why everyone talked about this one!  It is stunning!

For this mani, I used 3 coats of Space Junk with 1 coat over black on the ring finger for an accent. The picture below is the sun setting, but look at that holo glitter reflect!!

I then added another coat to the ring finger.  I love how the black brings it out, but it does look so deep by itself too!

You can purchase Nail Sauce at  You can also follow the owner, Felicia, on Instagram as @feliifel - and Twitter as .  You can also stay in touch on Facebook -
Outside again!

And here is my kitchen lighting!  I apologize for my skintone, but it really shows off that gorgeous holo microshimmer! 

Here are a couple shots with regular and blurred for holo!!

And last, we have a close up comparison with the ring finger with 1 coat and 2 coats, along with the middle finger with 3 coats on each.

I hope you enjoyed this look at Nail Sauce!  It was my first one, but I know there will be more in the future! This brand is awesome!  I have a couple more on my list, but Felicia keeps making such gorgeous creations that keep me drooling!!

Have a great day!

Much Love,

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post - Elissa from Ten Little Nubs!

Hi everyone!! I have an exciting guest post today!  It is by the lovely Elissa from Ten Little Nubs.  And she is using a gorgeous Black Cat Lacquer that has been on my list, Let Them Eat Cake (not only is the name amazing, I'm drooling over these pastel glitters)!  OH! And don't miss Black Cat Lacquer's sale for 25% off of orders over $25 until 3/31, using the code "Easter25".  I'll let Elissa take it from here!
Hey guys! My name is Elissa! You might remember me from my old blog Lissa's Polish Addiction, but I have recently started my brand new blog, Ten Little Nubs!
I'm so excited to be guest posting for Crystal today! :) I love her blog! Crystal is also guest posting on my blog today so be sure to check out her post!

Today I decided to do a spring-esque mani for Crystal's blog because all of you on the other side of the world are currently getting ready for spring (or already in spring) but here, in Australia, we're getting ready for autumn! Haha.

I started off with a base of China Glaze Something Sweet. It's a really pretty pastel pink. I will definitely need to add some thinner to this polish, though, because it was extremely thick and hard to work with for me.

I topped that off with 1 coat of Black Cat Lacquer Let Them Eat Cake which is a clear base with blue, green and pink pastel hex glitters as well as some white microglitters and some small holographic glitters too. Like the China Glaze polish, Let Them Eat Cake was a little thick but not too difficult to apply.

Hope you enjoyed this mani! Have a great day!

Elissa <3
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Pretty & Polished - Algebraic Addition Collection

Guess what releases on April 1?!  And this is no April Fools joke, it's the Pretty & Polished Algebraic Addition Collection!!!  Unfortunately, I don't watch Adventure Time, but after looking up all of these silly names and pictures, I feel like I need to check this show out!!  So if you are like me and don't know as much about the show, I included pictures to help show what the polishes were inspired after! :-)  I think Chels, the owner, did a fantastic job bringing this show based collection to life!  It is on Cartoon Network on Monday's at 6:30 p.m. (not sure what time zone that is) and you can find out more about the characters HERE!

Photo Credit:

You can purchase Pretty & Polished on Etsy or Pretty & Polished on My Shopify. You can also find out more information, upcoming collection information, along with swatches on Pretty & Polished - Facebook, on Twitter @prettynpolish, on Instagram @prettyandpolishd and at I highly recommend taking a look around, as Pretty & Polished always has awesome creations and an amazing formula!

So this will be a large post!!  Are you ready?!  Up first, we have Candy Reign.

For Candy Reign, I used 2 coats with Clearly on Top by KBShimmer.

Chels describes it: The Candy Kingdom is the place to be in the Land of Ooo! You will find all sorts of sweet treats and pretty colors in the Candy Kingdom as well as in our polish "Candy Reign". Feast your eyes on a light pink creme packed with sweet neons and fun shapes!

Candy Kingdom:
Photo Credit:

Close up!  Love that shimmer and all the fun glitters!

Next, we have Watch it in CD!

For this mani, I started with two coats of  OPI Rumble's Wiggin'.

I added one coat of Watch it in CD with Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.

Chels describes it: Watch it in CD is a gorgeous glitter polish packed full of the most beautiful pink and purple glitters and looks just like the Crystal Dimension! The perfect full coverage glitter for any Adventure Time fan!

Crystal Dimension:
Photo Credit:

This is such a gorgeous glitter mix!

Close up!

Next is Whatevers 2009.

For this mani, I used 2 coats of Whatevers 2009 with Clearly on Top by KBShimmer.

Chels describes it: In case you are planning a trip to Lumpy Space you may want to remember the name of the polish, "Whatevers 2009". You see, that is the password to gain access to this beautiful purple kingdom. You will find all the gorgeous colors of Lumpy Space packed into this one glorious polish. Purples, blues, greens, and a sprinkling of "Night sky Holo dust".

Lumpy Space:
Photo Credit:

Here is a holo pic! (Kitchen lighting)

Close up!  LOVE the star!!

I think this one is my favorite, but it's really hard to choose because they are all great!  This is called 7 Year Lich.

For this mani, I started with two coats of Zoya Dove. 

I then applied 1 coat of 7 Year Lich with Clearly on Top by KBShimmer.  I just love how the flakes shine!  They are stunning!  And the black hexes and diamonds, along with the tiny silver hexes are so cool looking together with the flakies!  I love it over the light grey! 

Chels describes it: 7 Year Lich is a dark and somewhat magical polish. At first glance it looks dark and dreary but put it on and you will find it is filled with trickery just like the Lich from Adventure Time!

Here is Lich:
Photo Credit:

Close up!  See how the flakes reflect the light!?

Next, we have Incinerate My Heart.

For this mani, I used 2 coats of Incinerate My Heart along with Clearly on Top by KBShimmer.

Chels describes it: Incinerate My Heart portrays the hot love that Flame Princess once had for Finn. You will find this Hot Orange Jelly polish is filled with fiery glitters in different shapes sizes, and colors.

Here is Finn and Flame Princess.
Photo Credit:$$$$01AB-Finn_and_Flame_princess_love_pic.png

Close up!

Next up, we have Pep in your Step.  This one coat, which I kind liked how it looked!!  With some top coat, I would totally wear it this way!

Here is two coats of Pep in your Step with Clearly on Top by KBShimmer.  This just is such a creamy white!! I love it with the red.

Chels describes it: Pep in your Step is a fun and charming polish based off of Princess Bubblegum's little helper, Peppermint Butler. You will find it to be a smooth white creme base full of sweet peppermint goodness!

Here is Peppermint Butler.

Photo Credit:

Close up!

Here is The Big Squeeze.  This is one coat again, which is great coverage for a yellow!

And then I applied a second coat along with Clearly on Top by KBShimmer.  What a fun and bright yellow!!! 

Chels describes it: The Big Squeeze is a brightly colored polish based off of the sour Duke from Adventure Time, Lemongrab. You will find this bright yellow creme is filled with brighter yellow glitters and a dash of white.

Here is Lemongrab.
Photo Credit:

I love the white and yellow glitters in this too! It definitely reminds me of a lemon!

Close up!

Last, but not least, to wrap up the collection, this is House of Heroes.

I started this mani with 2 coats of OPI Stranger Tides.

I added a coat of House of Heroes with Clearly on Top by KBShimmer.  This is my first rectangular glitter polish and it is SO funky!  In a good way, of course, I love it!

Chels describes it: House of Heroes is definitely a fun place to be discover Finn and Jake's world of wonder in this polish. Reminiscent of their home, the Tree Fort. You will find a range of "Tree Fort Colors" as well as some fun Rectangle shapes all in a clear base!

Here is Tree Fort.
Photo Credit:

Close up!

What a gorgeous and fun collection!  I hope you loved this look at the Algebraic Addition collection by Pretty & Polished!! And in case you missed above, you can purchase Pretty & Polished on Etsy or Pretty & Polished on My Shopify. You can also find out more information, upcoming collection information, along with swatches on Pretty & Polished - Facebook, on Twitter @prettynpolish, on Instagram @prettyandpolishd and at

Don't forget, this collection releases on Monday, April 1!  Have a great day!!

Much Love,

*These products have been sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*