Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jaded Nail Co. - Tear Dust

Hi Everyone!! I am so glad the week is going pretty quickly!! I skipped the gym Monday and Tuesday (and with the Holidays having the gym closed...), I am really needed to get back into my 3 days a week routine!! I am telling myself no excuses for Thursday's class!! You guys have weeks/days like that where you are just like, forget it, the gym will be waiting when I'm ready later?   I know, I'm just being lazy :-)  At least I'm feeling almost all the way better!!  Still a bit there, but no where near how I felt over the weekend - yay!
So today I have this gorgeous polish that I won!! YAY! Don't you love winning a free pretty polish!?!  I saw Gaby of @Lacquerloon on Instagram with this...and that lead me to Jade of @JadedNailCo on Instagram, who just so happened to be having a giveaway!! What luck!  And then I entered and won, and I couldn't believe it!! That pretty much never happens!!!  So needless to say, I was pretty excited to get this since it definitely caught my eye with Gaby's swatch.

This is Tear Dust by Jaded Nail Co.   With it's grey jelly quality, it took 3 coats for this look, but worth every brush stroke!  I topped with Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.  It applied perfectly and the combo is just gorgeous!!  There are teal and white glitters along with a sprinkling of fairy dust.  Ok, doesn't that sound so cool?  It's really holographic glitters that sparkle so subtly (so subtle the light box refused to pick them up for you to see).  I consider Wicked Fast to be a thinner top coat, but it was still extremely smooth!  The grey jelly base events out the glitter, so it isn't rough at all!
Jaded Nail Co. can be purchased at and you can follow Jade on Instagram as @JadedNailCo as I mentioned above.  And you never know when she might have a giveaway and you might just happen to win that giveaway!! Hey, I won, didn't I?  So it's not that crazy ;-)  And for some silly reason, she only has 460 other followers there...which means to me you have a good chance to win!  I do have a feeling though that she'll get more attention soon, as her colors are fantastic!  Make sure you check out her shop to snag a Tear Dust for $9.50~!
I took a couple pictures in my kitchen to bring out the holo for you guys!
Blurred...can you kinda see it?  So much prettier in person!
I like this shot!

And a close up...I didn't even realize how cool this looked until I zoomed in!  I am loving it even more!  Look at those little squares!  What a fun polish!  And not so crowded with glitter that the 3 coats look overkill.  I think it was very well done!
So again, this was so thoughtfully given to my by Jade!  Thank you again!!  I absolutely love it!
I hope you all have a fantastic day!! 
Much Love,


  1. Love it! Love the color for I find it so elegant and classy. The perfect nail color for everyday wear.