Monday, April 30, 2012

Dollish Polish Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Glitter

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of...Glitter!!  Mr. CC totally started singing the song Dolly created this after!  It made me laugh that he knew right away!  Check out the video!!  You can sing with me, since it's stuck in my head now ;-) lol

Love that song.  Anyway LOVE this nail polish color too!!  I guess reading is a skill, because at first glance, I thought this was glitter in a white base!  I LOVE that it's a light mint with a gorgeous shimmer!  It is stunning!  Had I taken the time to read Dolly's description, I would have known that :-) hehe Here is her description:
The color itself is inspired by candy, with its delicious pale mint green cream sheen, and is loaded with varying size & shape glitters in lavender, pink, magenta, purple and turquoise. The name inspired by one of the best 80's songs of all time, Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics.

It applied extremely well, with 2 coats for the pictures with Wicked Fast top coat.  Sorry I couldn't grab any sun for the photos!  It was pretty grey yesterday!  I also am sure you can notice my mini pinky nail :-( that broke the other day and I've been using Orly Nail Repair kit, but finally just got tired of messing with it!  Hopefully it will grow quickly!


Can you see the shimmer in the pictures?  I tried to keep some of them that showed it!  The flash above on the pinky shows it!  Next time I wear it, I will hope for sun ;-)  Are you still listening to the song? lol  I know what you'll be singing all day....

To purchase Dollish Polish, please visit or for this color, here is the link -  Dolly will be taking a small break, but hopefully should restock soon!  I believe she is sold out of everything at the moment.  I try to announce openings on my Facebook or Twitter, as usually Dolly informs on her pages as well!
Hopefully you all had a great weekend!  I love catching up on sleep!  I needed it too!  Thing have been busy here!  I'm hoping for a calmer week, but we'll see ;-)

Much Love,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Hunger Games and Humble Bee


Hunger Bee?  Humble Games?  Whatever you want to call this combo, call it awesome!  LOL ;-)  The Hunger Games is first up.  This is an awesome polish from Daring Digits - I have nothing like this!!  I love the black glitter in the bright gold shimmer base.  It is a representation of the Hunger Games book cover - how cool is that?  I totally read those books at lightening speed and now I want to reread them again! If you haven't checked them out, I do recommend them!  They are very well written and offer a great story if you're looking for some entertainment!  I've heard people of all ages reading them!

Daring Digits can be found HERE!  Looks like she has a few Hunger Games minis available, but I'm sure she'll have full size available soon! ;-)  She is going to restock on 4/29.  Ashley, the shop owner, is a sweetheart!  I've asked to order a bunch of FS bottles and she has worked with me to get the colors I want!  She is always very polite and offers amazing customer service!  I highly recommend checking out her shop!

I used 3 coats of Hunger Games for the pictures with 1 coat of Seche Vite.

Flash - glows, doesn't it!?

And for fun, I decided to add Humble Bee to this!  Crazy, right?  I do love the way it turned out!  Never would have thought to put them together if the hadn't been on my vanity next to each other! ;-)  Humble Bee is by Nail Venturous and can be found on Etsy, HERE!  Unfortunatly, she sells very quickly, so be sure to keep an eye for her next restock.  Her note says in about 4-8 weeks, as she is taking vacation time from the shop!  Amy, of Nail Venturous, is also another sweet heart!  She is always very kind to her customers! 

Humble Bee is neon yellow glitter, black glitter, and black hexagons in a clear base.   For the pictures, I used 1 coat with 1 coat of Seche Vite.
Part of my fun with polish is throwing them together to see what happens!  This probably won't be for everyone, but I certainly think it's bold and different!  I couldn't be more excited with how it turned out!  Both are awesome polishes and I recommend them both!

Have a great weekend!!!

Much Love,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zoya Dove and Candeo Colors Rittenhouse


Hello!  Today I have my first Candeo Colors polish!!  I was lucky enough to get a few at Melinda's last opening of her shop on Etsy,   She also updates her Facebook with opens and pictures of colors, HERE
I used Zoya Dove as my base.  I used 2 coats and no top coat for the pictures.  I love this color!  So simply and creamy!!

Then used 1 coat of Rittenhouse over Dove!  I love the slighty pink/grey shimmer base!  There are tiny little holographic glitters throughout.  It also contains, holographic green and fuchsia hexagons and large silver holo hexagons!  It's so sparkly in person!! I love it!  Bling-tastic!

These labels are adorable! With that little chameleon? I <3 him! Here is a little more about Candeo and a description of Rittenhouse:
Candeo - A latin word meaning to shine, glow or sparkle. Welcome to Candeo Colors! All polishes are hand mixed by me using existing colors, lacquer base and a myriad of loose glitters and pigments. I love all colors but I'm really drawn to jewel tones and holographic glitters. I take pride in my work and want you to love every color. I do not skimp on the glitter so you definitely get your money's worth. Check back often since this is a new venture and I will be adding colors frequently. PS- The chameleon was added to our logo because of their ability to change their naturally bright colors. Plus they are just plain awesome!

Rittenhouse - Back from the dead!! New and improved!
Part of the Philadelphia Collection -
You don't have to be from the City of Brotherly love to appreciate this collection. Every city has its own version of these areas.  Inspired by the luxury high rise apartment buildings and natural beauty of Rittenhouse Sqaure. Our Rittenhouse is subtle and cool with a little bit of sparkle. A bit of understated elegance with a little kick.  Rittenhouse has a semi-sheer silvery charcoal base and is loaded with fine gunmetal and silver holographic, medium gunmetal, lime and fuchsia and large silver holographic hex glitter. The holo effect is more noticeable in person.
 Definitely agree - holo is SO much better in person ;-)


Candeo Colors sell for $8.00 each.  She has been selling very quickly, so it does help to watch her Facebook for opening information!  :-)

Have a wonderful day!

Much Love,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pretty and Polished Tart with Orly Rock Candy

Yesterday was Chelsea's birthday!!! (from Pretty & Polished) and I just happened to be wearing Tart :-)  Hopefully she had a great day!  Today she is restocking her stock on Etsy at around 7pm Eastern time.  She will have 2, maybe 3 new colors for everyone!! Yay!!  Find her shop -

Tart is a color that is going to be discontinued.  I think I begged her a dozen times to make more full sizes and maybe a few other people did too...because TA-DA!!  Here it is.  I foolishly watched it sit there untouched for a while thinking I'd buy later.  Well we all know how quickly Pretty & Polished has been selling out lately, so silly me was bummed when this beauty was gone.  I was SO excited when I was able to grab it!!  It is so much fun!  It's a purple base with a blue iridescent shimmer.  There are a mix of glitters in it, including small purple glitter, small gold and blue hexagons, medium pink and white hexagons, large white and pink hexagons, and probably more that I'm missing.  It is like a little party in a bottle!  For the pictures I used 2 coats.

So I was messing around then to see what else I could do to this color and noticed my Orly Rock Candy that hasn't been used yet!  I found this at Head2ToeBeauty when I picked up my racks at their shop.  I layered 1 coat over Tart and used 1 coat of Wicked Fast.  I love the effect it gives, almost like it's more dreamy now! ;-)

love the duochrome shimmer in Rock Candy!

These pictures outside, I held the bottle Tart, but are all of Rock Candy over it!!


And look what is already blooming!! YAY!  I love my Clematis! ;-)

Don't forget to check out Chelsea's opening today!! Have a great day!

Much Love,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Whimsical Ideas by Pam - Seuss

Hi everyone!!  Does this nail polish remind you of anything...?

I thought so too ;-)  Isn't this polish amazing!?  I fell in love when I saw pictures.  I immediately checked out Pam's Facebook page, HERE, which has tons of gorgeous colors listed!  The only problem is trying to decide what to order!!!!

She takes orders by e-mails, Once your order is complete, she will send you an invoice for you to pay her on PayPal. Her polishes are $10 each, plus shipping. 

Unfortunately, she did just post this on Facebook in regards to International Orders on her Facebook page, sorry ladies :-(
 many have asked about international shipping, and i'm completely torn on this. recently, i have not done any international shipping because of the lack of tracking numbers once a package leaves the US. i have been relatively lucky so far, but the stress of the unknown once a package leaves the US weighs on me. one of the reasons that i invoice the... way that i do is that i do not want to take your money unless i know that i can ship product in a timely manner. that being said, if anything should happen to your package in international shipping, it would break my heart. i hate to say; "once it leaves the US, i won't be responsible", but that is difficult, as well. the truth is, thought, that if your package is lost in transit, it is a bad situation for me and for you. i do not want anyone's money if they don't get product in return, but postal mistakes are out of my realm. i am very careful when shipping, but even with US orders, a simple typo on my part can route a package to parts unknown (um...rhonda...i'm thinking of you, here). ;) in addition, should there be an error in your order, it is easy to correct it in the US, but because of the price of shipping internationally, a simple mistake on my part can cost too much to make it feasible.  i hate to make this decision, but unless i can find a solution for this, i will not be shipping internationally. i am so sorry and i wish i didn't have to make this decision.

Seuss is a blue with blue shimmers, silver hexagons, and red smaller hexagons.  It applied extremely well, with glitters easily coming out of the bottle and on to the nail.  Pictures are shown with 2 coats and Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.

Outdoors - Shade

You can see my previous post on My Friend Carol, HERE.  I love these colors and so far love Pam's formulas and creativity!  I cannot wait to try more of her gorgeous creations! ;-)  I do have one more coming up soon to show you, Saturday Morning Cartoons!!!

Hope you have a great day!!

Much Love,