Friday, August 3, 2012

Birthday Mani!!!


Hi Ladies!!! And Gents!!  I am sorry for the delay today!  I've been running around but have finally got this ready for you!  I'm going to keep it short and simple though, because I've reviewed both of these before :-)  I am getting ready to go out for martinis with my girlfriend, so I have to hurry! lol

I have to thank you all for the love you've shown me today!  Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!  They mean so much to me!! I have felt the love today and I don't think I've stopped smiling all day!

So I included tons of pics, because it's my birthday and I love pictures.  Sorry if you hate it, but I loved this mani too much not to spam you with it!! ;-)  If you'd like to see the other blog posts, here is Zoya Kiki and Lush Lacquer Birthday Cake (fitting right? lol).  So this mani is 2 coats of Kiki and then I taped off with 1 coat of Birthday Cake.
Ok, well I am off!!! I hope you enjoyed this mani!  I love the combo! :-D

Anyone have any weekend plans?  I am looking foward to a pool day tomorrow and another girls night tomorrow!  I am so spoiled!!! It has been such a wonderful birthday!!!  Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Much Love,


  1. Such gorgeous nails!

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

  2. Such gorgeous nails!

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

  3. Pretty!!! Perfect birthday mani!

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes and compliments!!