Monday, August 27, 2012

Guest Post from Sincerely Stephanie!!

Hello!! Today I am honored to have Stephanie of Sincerely Stephanie here with a gorgeous manicure to show you!! Please check out her blog, as she always has something to inspire me with!  I love her creativity and designs!!  Plus she is a total sweetheart and I'm so glad to have "met" her! :-) I will let her take you through this amazing look!!


Hello to all the lovely readers of Crystal's Crazy Combos! I am super excited to be here today! Crystal and I started blogging around the same time and became fast friends on twitter. She always posts the most amazing indie swatches and makes me lem like ALL of them! I decided to go with a very pink subtle manicure for you today. Sometimes people ask me where I get my inspiration from and it literally can happen from anything. For this particular manicure I got the idea from a post it note.

I won a giveaway and when I received the winnings it included this awesome post it! I tacked it up onto my bulletin board and then did created an interpretation of the design onto my nails. I used two coats of China Glaze Hang-Ten Toes which is from the Summer Neon Collection. I completely love this polish. It has some subtle shimmer and the pink is just gorgeous. Then I grabbed a pink/purple  striper from the Color Club Brights Striper Set and started drawing the designs. I also used a dotting tool to create the dots. I added the 3mm rhinestones to give the design a little pizzaz.

I really liked the pink on pinkness of these nails. It is really subtle and beautiful in my opinion! The rhinestones just gave it that extra pop! that I was looking for when I was doing these. I completely love the feeling of having something 3D on my nails. I can never stop feeling them lol. 
Do you like doing subtle designs? This is my first one in awhile and I think I'm really digging the look! Have you tried subtle designs yourself? In what colour combinations?

Thank you SO MUCH to Crystal for asking me to guest post :D

Hope you are all having a great day!
Stephanie of Sincerely Stephanie
Do you love this as much as I do!? It is just so beautiful!  And I love her nails too!! Stephanie, you can do my nails any day!! ;-)  hehe
Make sure you stop by Sincerely Stephanie and follow her for awesome manis!  I am her guest blogger today and couldn't be more excited!! :-)  A big thank you to her for the idea of switching blog posts for the day!! I love it!
Enjoy the day!!
Much Love,


  1. Love this mani! I'm such a sucker for pink. Love both of your blogs too, so that doesn't hurt either ;)

  2. Hi Crystal - love your tape-mani on Stephanies blog! I always wonder how you do them, so it was really nice to see :)