Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cult Nails - Coco's Untamed Collection

Hello!  Today I have the new collection by Cult Nails created by Maria's daughter Coco!  What a fun bunch of colors!  I love them so much!!  My good friend, Marisa, actually ordered these for me for our swap!  A big thank you to her!!! And please check out her awesome blog, Polish Obsession.

Cult Nails is one of my favorite brands.  They have an amazing, fast drying formula that applies extremely well!  It also wears very well for me too!  And I almost always use Wicked Fast for my top coat - it is my Holy Grail!  You can follow Cult Nails on their Blog and find out more about this collection on this Blog Post.  Also, you can purchase this from their site for $50, Coco's Untamed Collection.

I love the descriptions listed on their shop for these colors, so I will use those!  First up we have Untamed, which "is a cheery, sheer bubblegum pink that has a youthfully delightful multi colored shimmer. Coco loves Untamed because... "It's such a happy color; who can feel sad when they're wearing all that pink!?"

I used 3 coats for the pictures with no top coat.  This glitters reflect colors, but the camera wasn't able to pick them up :-(


Next, "Deal With It was created by Coco, because lime green is her favorite color! But she really wanted something that would be "more bright!" She tried many different mixes, but the intense gold shimmer won her vote hands down!!!"

I used 3 coats for this as well, with no top coat.  I think 2 coats was alright, but 3 just made it even more vibrant!!  I think this is my favorite of the five because it is so striking and different!  It applied perfectly!
Next up, "Spontaneous is deep, dusty, delicious purple creme that wasn't quite good enough for Coco.. she added a vibrant purple glitter that put her fun spin on this color!"

I used 2 coats with Wicked Fast top coat.  I love the glitter in this one!

Next, "I Got Distracted captures complexity and childhood in one amazingly fun color. Set in a deep blackened suspension base, the holographic micro glitter and larger pieces of green glitter provide enough visual stimulation to keep anyone distracted."

For this I used 2 coats with 2 coats of Wicked Fast.  It is a little bit of a glitter eater, so if you prefer completely glossy, try either Seche Vite or Poshe to give that glass like finish.  This one is so hard to capture!  It looks so much better in person, but I tried to blur the shots somewhat to show the holographic glitters throughout.

And last up, "Annalicious pairs adorbale and classy in one package. This red proves to be anything but ordinary when brilliant flashes of red and gold dance around on your nails."

When unscrewing the lid to check out this color, at first glance it seems very thin.  I was pleasantly surprised when it was pretty well opaque in 1 coat!  I did 2 coats for good measure and topped it with Wicked Fast.  This is a very close second for me in this group!  I know I Got Distracted is stunning too, but this and Deal With It are just amazing to me!

I hope you enjoyed this look at Cult Nails and Coco's first collection (hopfully she has more up her sleeve because she's got her mother's talent!!!)  Again, you can shop online at

I hope you have a great day!!!

Much Love,


  1. The more I keep seeing swatches of this collection, I keep falling in love all over again! It's all stunning!

  2. Every single one of these is beautiful! The glitter might be my favorite though, it's stunning.