Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random Swatches & Combos!

Hello All!!! So I paint my nails daily, and sometimes feel like pictures aren't "worthy" of the blog.  It can range from tipwear, just not liking how I applied the particular color/colors, or even just that the weather didn't cooperate and I didn't get very good pictures of it.  I decided today that I'd show you a few of my randoms because even though they may not be *perfect*, I overall like the colors and combinations I used.  Hopefully this will be just a fun post for you guys to see some of my daily manis.  Most of what I wear, I post though :-)  I love sharing with you all!!

Ok, so first up, I used 2 coats of Zoya Snooki with 1 coat of Models Own Ibiza Mix.  I loved this minus my tipwear, lol.

Next up, I believe I used 3 coats of Hare Polish Twilight Savings with 1 coat of Seche Vite.  Since this is an oldie, I can't remember exactly.  I remember though that since it's a jelly, I did more that I thought I'd need to go get coverage.  I think this will be great for layering too!  I do hope to do a review on this one at some point :-D

Next up - Ozotic 531!  Now this is being discontinued and I'm not 100% sure if you can still find it.  I believe this is 2 coats with Wicked Fast top coat.  I know it's kind of sheer and at certain angles my tips could be seen.  I know at some point I added a third coat and another coat of top coat to wear for a second day - I don't usually do that, so that shows how much I loved this. Since it's a light color, the tipwear wasn't too bad!  I was so lucky to a snapshot in the sun, I think I wore this last weekend and as you can see in the second pic, the sun was gone within the same stop light! haha  This is a duochrome holographic - amazing right?  Why are they discontinuing these beauties!?
And last but not least, my mani I took off last night.  This was so pretty in person!  I would have taken better pics had we had some sun yesterday!  It has been such bad weather since last weekend!  I just want some sun to swatch!! lol  For this mani, I started with 1 coat of OPI Dating a Royal (such a favorite of mine - a blue jelly that is just awesome!) Now, 1 coat is a tad streaky, but I knew I'd cover it with glitter.  Next up is 1 coat of Lynnderella Forget You Not. 

This was pretty by itself, but I regretted not doing 2 coats of Dating a Royal.  So instead, I improvised with OPI Don't Touch My Tutu, a white jelly over top to make a jelly sandwich.  I loved this look!  You can kind of still see the purple shimmers in Forget You Not, they were more noticeable in person!  I really love that color!  I think this is my first time trying it!  The worst thing about being a hoarder, I mean collector, is that I have SO many untrieds.  It is quite sad really.  If I ONLY had like 10 hands...I would be a lot more proficient in getting work and house chores done, plus be able to support multiple manis! hahaha ;-)


I had fun, hopefully you liked this too, since it's a tad different that I normally do.  If there is a particular polish you would like details on, please let me know in the comments or send me an email! ;-) I was going to list links, but since this is just a fun post of swatches and not a review, I figured to just keep it short and sweet.  Also, if you have a specific polish in here that you want to see a full review on, I can do that too.  Just let me know!

I hope you all have a great day!!  My girlie, Jessica, is coming over!  I still get hits on her nails that I blogged about as one of my first entries!!  Her pic went viral on Pinterest, so maybe I will con her into being my hand model again...

Much Love,

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  1. I want to see which post went viral on Pinterest. Will you link it?