Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rainbow Honey - The Worst Possible Thing

Hello Everyone!! Today I have a quick post for you because my computer wasn't uploading like I wanted it to!  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow!  Anyway, I wasn't going to share this until I had more swatches of it layered over difference colors, but until then, please enjoy this gorgeous combo!  I hope to have more layering soon!!

This is Rainbow Honey - The Worst Possible Thing!!  I cannot believe I almost passed this one by!  It was actually Mr. CC who picked it - so I must give him full credit here!  Thank you to him!! Photographs just don't begin to show the beauty that is this polish!!  It is filled with glitters and flakies, leaning towards blues and purples!  It just dazzles on the nail! Here is the description on the website: 
The Worst Possible Thing was inspired by Rarity; A sheer layering polish, jewel encrusted just as Rarity would endorse, shimmering with opalescent flakes in purple and blue and a multitude of holographic and iridescent glitters. 

You can purchase this from the Rainbow Honey site for $10 for a 15ml bottle or $5 for a 7ml bottle. The bottles and packaging are simply stunning!  You will not be disappointed in this brand or this specific color!

I have layered The Worst Possible Thing over Zoya Phoebe (2 coats) with Wicked Fast by Cult Nails for the top coat.  This next photo shows some of the holographic sparkles in it!
And again, I will be having more of this color!  It's too pretty not to layer over...everything!!! hehe  If you'd like to get more information and updates from Rainbow Honey, you can follow the Facebook page.
Have a great day!
Much Love,


  1. Ya beat me to wearing this lol. My order came yesterday and I called a friend yelling "OMG THIS IS THE PRETTIEST GLITTER IN THE WORLD!!!" hahaha... love your combo which I had Phoebe to copy ya :D xo E

  2. I LOVE this combo! The Worst Possible Thing is gorgeous and I've tried it over darker colors but nothing light. I definitely have to now!