Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nails Inc. - Sweets Way

Nails Inc. Sweets Way over Zoya Dove - 1 coat each

Hello!! It was SO nice to have off yesterday!  I spent the whole day in the pool!  Now I almost look a lobster...haha!  It felt so great to be able to just relax with friends!  Glad to have days like that!

Now just a couple more days and then it will be the weekend again!  At first I was disappointed having a holiday in the middle of the week, but it worked out well!  Except I kept thinking that yesterday was Saturday! LOL :-)

Today I have a gorgeous, gorgeous polish to show you!!  I heard about the Sprinkles line from Nails Inc. a few months ago and having been SO excited to try them!  I don't bite my nails (used to when I was little), but this is enough that I just might! 

A friend of mine, Claudia, sent these to me before they were released here in the US (I have no patience haha!).  You must check out her amazing blog, I love her swatches and am so glad she recently started blogging!  My only warning is that she will make you want whatever you see on her gorgeous nails ;-) hehe but seriously, please check her out at

I love that Nails Inc. is getting on board with the Indie feel!!  Basically, I love sprinkles to a point of access, so I knew these would be mine!  :-)  Sweets Way is a sheer white, milky base with pink, silver, and blue glitters.  Below is 1 coat alone.


Next is two coats, which I was quite impressed that it built up so well!  I can see a little of my nail line, but I have lately not minded that!

And then for fun, I layered this over Zoya Dove, which is a light grey, using 1 coat of each.  I love how this turned out!!

There are 4 colors total in this collection from Nails Inc.  You can find it online at Nails Inc. - Sweets Way or at Sephora - Sweets Away (which made me giggle that they put Away instead of just Way - oops!).

I hope you all enjoy the day!!!  Hopefully the sun is shining bright where you are!  It's my favorite part of summer :-)

Much Love,


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  2. I bought topping lane sprinkles. It's really cute and I like it so much :D Your nails looks very pretty with sweet way sprinkles :D

  3. Love!! It looks so good on you! I'm definitely going to have to pick these up :)

  4. It looks amazing over Dove! I look like a lobster too! It's a great look ;)

  5. I can't wait to see this collection in person :)

  6. im so freakin jealous of ur freakin collection its not even funny!!!!!! this is such a cool pretty polish!