Friday, July 6, 2012

KBShimmer Elle

KBShimmer Elle - 3 coats
 Hello!  I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my gorgeous, amazing Sister, Rachel!!!  I will see her tonight to celebrate!!  Anyone have exciting plans for the weekend!?  I got sunburned on Wednesday, but didn't really notice it much...until yesterday at work!  Looks like I'll be applying LOTS of sunscreen if I dare go out in the sun this weekend!! hehe

Also, you guys know I read each and every comment right?  I have been feeling the love lately and just want to say THANK YOU!  I am really bad about commenting back, but I hope you all do know how much I appreciate them!  I spend all day on my computer at work, so it makes me lazy to get on it at home.  It's a bad excuse, I know, but I will try to get better at that!  I often say how much social media wears me out - there are just too many things to catch up with!  I love it so much, I love connecting with everyone, and I love how many amazing people I have met!  You all are spectacular!  So all I did last night was lay in bed and read my book, which really didn't give my eyes a break, but mentally gave me some escape!! :-) haha  Hopefully you know where I'm coming from!  In my About Me section, I list many ways to get a hold of me, so if I ever miss a question you have, badger me - I promise I won't mind!  Sometimes I miss things and don't mean to!

Ok, back to polish! Today I have a gorgeous KBShimmer polish to show you!  This is from the Circus Collection, called Elle.  It is such a unique combination!  I love the pink and grey together!!  Here is the description for Elle:  "The circus, full of fun, color, and a wonder for people of all ages. Lions, tigers, and elephants! Elle is our nail polish elephant. A pale grey color, we added several pink glitters, white and grey glitters for a polish that soft and beautiful."   I love the tiny little pink speckles in there!  You see them!?  This is 3 coats of Elle with Seche Vite top coat.


I ordered from Harlow & Co. and received this very quickly!! These are listed as $9 each. A few are still in stock! Purchases over $50 are free shipping to anywhere!

You can also order through KBShimmer direct on her website. Polishes are listed as $8.50. Also, Christy, the owner, has an Etsy site, She sells more than just polish! She makes lotions, soaps, scrubs, bath bombs and lip balms! On her website, she does have a note for orders:
Please note, depending on the amount of orders, shipping for nail polish may take 7-10 Business days. I will be on vacation from 06/18-07/01 and will not be shipping orders during that time. Please do not count those dates in your estimated shipping timeframe. I do have a good stock of polish made, but if sales exceed my projections, I will have to make stock. I will contact you if for some reason I can not fill part of your order or expect a longer shipping delay. I will process in the order received, and will not be combining orders. I will refund shipping overages for PayPal orders per my policies; credit card orders will have shipping adjusted when cards are processed. I have added a flat rate shipping option, I can fit up to 12 polishes via this method.
Next I did 2 coats of Zoya Dove for my base.  Then added 1 coat of Elle and topped it with Seche Vite.
This was such a fun color!  I love that it's the perfect Elephant Grey :-)

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!  I know they go so quick, so do something fun, even if it's just putting your feet up and watching a great movie!!! hehe

Much Love,


  1. I have Elle too and love the pale grey and pink together!

  2. So beautiful!!! Happy birthday to your sister! Hope you guys have fun tonight!

  3. I LOVE pink and gray together:) so Cute

  4. OK, love this! Just found your blog through Beauty Blogazons and am glad I did! :)