Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not Too Polished - Bone with Windestine - Jeweled Sand

Hi everyone!!  I know I posted Bone by Not Too Polished yesterday, but I had tried this combo of it with Windestine Jeweled Sand and had to show you guys!  I actually was having computer/picture problems last night, so this is just a quick post!  And since these were taken one of the days the sun was stubborn, I plan to redo this combo because I love it so much!  I figured a repetitive post is better than no post, right?  Thanks for bearing with me :-) hehe

Ok, so same as yesterday's post, I used 2 coats along with Seche Vite top coat. I applied a thinner coat first, then went with the thicker second coat.  Not Too Polished can be purchased on Etsy at their shop, On Etsy, there is the follow message:
Like Not Too Polished on Facebook (or check out my blog) for a sneak peek at upcoming polishes, as well as occasional coupon codes :)
I am aware that some of my polishes have had issues in the past, and I am working on contacting all buyers of the problematic polishes to fix them. Please know that customer satisfaction is my biggest concern. I use high quality suspension base in all my glitters. My polishes contain only stainless steel- NOT zinc coated- mixing beads. And my glitters undergo a rigorous testing process. If you are EVER unsatisfied with a polish, please contact me for replacement or exchange- I want you to be completely happy with your Not Too Polished colors!


Next, I did a tape mani using Jeweled Sand by Windestine.  You can shop on Freda's Etsy shop,  I received excellent customer service and would highly recommend her creations!  Her glitter combinations are absolutely stunning and even prettier in person!  Her shop is currently closed, but hopefully she will be opening again soon!  You can keep in touch with updates on her Facebook.

I actually got this idea for this combo from because I fell in love with the simplicity of the light nude color with the Jeweled Sand!  You can see her post, HERE!  I was determined to get Jeweled Sand after I saw that ;-)

So again, sorry for the short post and lack of pictures.  This combination is WAY too pretty to only have 2 pics :-( haha don't worry - I will redo and repost more pictures soon!  Hope you love it ;-)

Have a fabulous day!

Much Love,


  1. Love this mani combo Crystal!!

  2. Chelsea made me want Windestine too! I got it and layered it over coral. Obsessed! Your combo is gorgeous.

  3. Absolutely perfect combo! It looks amazing!

  4. This is beautiful! Great color combo!

  5. Absolutely stunning combo. Seeing swatches like this makes me wish I could get my hands on these indie polishes!