Wednesday, July 18, 2012

KBShimmer - The Square

Hello!! It's already Wednesday!  This week is going pretty quickly!! :-)  Today I have a gorgeous KBShimmer polish to show you, called The Square from The Clique Collection.  Now for the life of me, my camera (iPhone 4s), would not pick up the color.  This has been my first time adjusting the color - so although I tried to be as accurate as possible, it was difficult to get it to the actualy shade!  Plus The Square is a jelly, so that makes photographing in the sun even more difficult.

The Square is a stunning purple jelly that is actually quite bright.  In the bottle it's darker, but because it's sheer, on the nail it comes across as lighter.  It is filled with glitter though!!  There are larger squares of white, gold, and pink, with smaller squares in blue and green, and even smaller squares in gold and white.  Then there is very small scattered green squares throughout as well - almost hard to tell their shape, but considering the name...I can only assume ;-) hehe

Here is KBShimmer's description of this polish:
In high school, kids tend to divide into like minded groups. This polish is part of the collection based on high school cliques. Square - Per Urban Dictionary "A noticeably unhip, mainstream individual, a straight. Someone either ignorant or disinterested of underground subcultures. The antithesis of a hipster." Full of square glitters in lavender, blue, green, gold and white, this polish is anything but ordinary. The base of this polish a purple jelly base with red undertones. Purples are always hard to capture on film, and the color is still not perfect, but I think you will love this polish anyways. The squares in this polish can develop a curve, but I have not found the curve to be a problem, especially with a coat or two of top coat. Please see how the squares look the swatches.

I have used 2 coats with 1 coat of Seche Vite.  Again, I tried my best to adjust color for you!  I had no problem applying and no curving! 

I ordered from Harlow & Co. and received this very quickly!! These are listed as $9 each.  They are currently out of stock, but I bet Katie will be receiving an order soon to restock!  Purchases over $50 are free shipping to anywhere!
You can also order through KBShimmer direct on her website. Polishes are listed as $8.50. Also, Christy, the owner, has an Etsy site, She sells more than just polish! She makes lotions, soaps, scrubs, bath bombs and lip balms! On her website, she does have a note for orders:
**Nail polish can only be shipped within the US, excluding military addresses. Any nail polish orders with international/military addresses will be cancelled. Please visit Harlow & Co to place your international orders**

Please note, depending on the amount of orders, shipping for nail polish may take 4-7 Business days. I will process in the order received, and will not be combining orders. I will refund shipping overages for PayPal orders per my
policies; credit card orders will have shipping adjusted when cards are processed. I have added a flat rate shipping option, I can fit up to 12 polishes via this method.

Next I decided to try layering The Square.  I used one coat of Zoya Savita.  Unfortunately, this isn't on Zoya's website currently, but hopefully they will bring it back! 
Next I applied 1 coat of The Square with 1 coat of Seche Vite.  I just love how the shimmer in Savita appears the through jelly of The Square!!!

I believe this is a pretty good picture of the color from indoor lighting.

I hope you liked this look at KBShimmer The Square!! I really love this polish because square glitter is gorgeous to me!!  The multiple sizes and colors keep this very fun!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Much Love,


  1. Wow I really like this over the Zoya, it really brings out the beauty of the KBShimmer!

  2. I love love love it over Zoya Savita!! Bravo! :D

  3. Beautiful over the shimmer polish! I have The Square, but haven't tried her yet. It looks amazing on you! :-)