Monday, May 14, 2012

Daring Digits The Hunger Games


Hello Everyone!  Another Monday!  OOPS completely forgot to select publish last night, and instead went to watch a movie! LOL sorry! :-)

And today is another look at Daring Digits The Hunger Games!!  Ashley, has a shop on Etsy,   I ordered from her a while ago and loved my Master Chief.  So I noticed her coming out with more awesome colors and placed another order!  We all know of the base shortage that has been going on, and it has effected everyone.  I noticed my new order had more separating than my first bottle.  However, you will see at the end, it didn't effect how the polish applied.  It only took a little extra shaking, so I wouldn't complain!  

It was just a week or two ago, and Ashley contacted me to replace my purchase!  I told her she didn't have to or offered to return my previous bottles, but she insisted that she would just send me new ones, and I didn't need to do anything on my part.  How sweet is that?  She told me she didn't feel the previous bottles were up to her standards and that she wanted to make sure that I had an accurate representation of her brand.  I have always had amazing customer service with Ashley.  She is always sweet and kind if I have a question!  I originally asked for a label with the name for Master Chief and she sent one for me!  It's those little extra touches of customer service that will keep me coming back for more!  And of course, her amazing colors that I love too!  She has some great new ones in the shop!  Cannot wait to try them!

I know Daring Digits is a fairly new shop, so I do declare, that this will be Daring Digits Week!  I want to show you the other colors that she redid as well as a Limited Edition color I bought too!  Hopefully she'll be able to find more ingredients for it, as it is STUNNING!  I have shown you a few of these polishes before, but I want to show the new formula with the new base.  It turns out that Ashley has now come up with her own base!  I am pretty clueless when it comes to frankening, but that sounds awesome to me!  I did like this version of The Hunger Games better.  It seemed more 3-Dimentional than the previous one.  I think you'll be able to see it in pictures.  It also held the suspension a ton better!  It's great!!!

Another huge advantage was this version was almost a 1 coater!  I did a second one for depth and in case any spots needed extra coverage, but it went on a lot better than the other version that needed 3 coats!  I topped the pictures below with 1 coat of Seche Vite.

My previous post of The Hunger Games can be found HERE. 


Here is the new version and the old version.  As you can see in these pictures below, it did settle and would then take some time to reshake.  It still worked, but it is nicer to have it suspended looking all pretty ;-)


These are pictures from my first post.  This post I used outdoor lighting, and these two pictures were taken with indoor lighting.  As I said above, this old version needed 3 coats.  I was much happier with the thicker new version!


Again, Ashley's shop is on Etsy -  She is also really great for getting the size bottle you want!  I was looking for all full size bottles and sent her a note and she was able to create a custom listing for me.  I can't guarantee she'll always be able to do that, but based on my experience with her service, I think she will try to work it out so you're a satisfied customer! :-D

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!  Lots more Daring Digits to come!!

Much Love,


  1. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. Wow!! What a difference in the bottle. Still looks great on the nails!

  3. Whoaaa.. the bottles are like from different worlds! Both are pretty on the nails though.

  4. This is a great colour!! And what awesome customer service from Ashley!!