Wednesday, May 23, 2012

365 Days of Color - Cotton Candy


Hi Everyone!!  So today I have 2 of my favorite things - a white polish with glitter AND Cotton Candy!! hehehe!  I love love love cotton candy!  (And Sprinkles too)  But this polish is just SO much fun!  Maybe I am a kid at heart, but I love how these glitters poke through the white base!  This is from a new to me Blogger/Indie brand - 365 Days of Color named Sunny. 
I remember seeing a few of her polishes before and wanted to get my hands on them, so I was extremely excited when Cristina, of Let Them Have Polish, posted on her Facebook about Sunny's new shop!  You can find it here,  I believe she still has all the colors available (what are you guys waiting for!?!?), in both mini ($4.50) and full size ($8).  I definitely have a few more on my list of hers, so I can't wait to order more!  I bought this and Old Time Movie, which I will show you guys later!
Cotton Candy applied nicely with 2 coats.  I did dab a little bit to get the glitter where I wanted, but that wasn't a problem for me and a lot of glitters are that way.  I did notice that with the white, less brush strokes are definitely better!  I was able to even it out in the second coat though, and absolutely love the layered effect that it gives the glitter.  I used 1 top coat of Seche Vite to finish the look.  I honestly think this might be another great 4th of July or Memorial Day mani (a bit early), don't you think?  I just love Red, White, and Blue!

I like this pic below because it shows how truly glossy the Seche Vite made the mani!  The white doesn't really pick up that gloss in the other photos.  I loved the way it looked!  It was a nice bright white, which I am extremely excited to wear this summer (with hopefully a tan!!!)

Just looking at the pictures and my nails makes me smile. I've mentioned before how I love to associate names to memories, so this polish is no exception!  My friends at work love to tease me about my constant need for Cotton Candy :-) hehe  And I am pretty sure you are all catching on how much I love white polishes with glitter. 

Plus it is definitely no secret that I love Indies/Frankens.  One of my favorite parts about finding a new shop is learning more about the creator.  If you are interested in reading more about Sunny, you can check out her awesome blog here,

I hope you enjoyed this little sweet taste of Cotton Candy!  For the full effect, make sure to stop by here to get your Cotton Candy Full Size!!

Much Love,


  1. Oh my!!! This is so gorgeous!

  2. so cute! I just got my 365 Days of Color order in the mail this morning!

  3. this looks so adorable on you!!! thank you!!! :D

  4. Beautiful swatches of our favorite white-glitter polishes here :)