Thursday, May 17, 2012

Daring Digits Money Makes the World Go Round

Hello Everyone!!!  I have another fabulous Daring Digit to show you!!  This is called Money Makes the World Go Round!  It is a fantastic green shimmer with lime green micro glitter along with lime green and green hexagons.  I'm so glad I was able to capture the glow it has!

If you have been following this week, I was spotlighting Daring Digits to let people know how great her customer service is!  She replaced my bottles due to a base issue and because she felt it wasn't a good representation of her product.  I really appreciate all the time and effort she put into making sure I received a quality product.  It means a lot to me!  And these polishes are absolutely gorgeous! 

You can find Ashley's shop here on Etsy,  She has wonderful colors available!  And she sells in full size or minis.  She is getting married this weekend though, so there will be a slight delay for orders!  Also, I have had a great experience with her to order all full size products of what I was looking for!  I sent her a message and she was so nice about it! 

I did this mani a few days ago, but the sun went down before I could capture it!  I thought I would share though, how nice the glitter applies!

I hope you're enjoying the Daring Digits Week!!  Tomorrow I have 1 more for you!

Hope you all have a great day!

Much Love,


  1. I love this green!! And the glitter really makes it pop.

  2. This looks stunning!! I have yet to it (thanks again for getting it for me!), but it's definitely the one with the other base I now realise! Glad to know a good shaking will sort it out though lol!