Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Candeo Colors Orchid

Hi all!  Hope everyone is doing great!!  I'm ready for some summer weather to come back!  We got spoiled for a few weeks, so now I suppose we're making up for it!  We've been rainy for the past few days!  Very grey out!  It also just mists - not raining hard, but enough to moisten your face!  So weird! lol

Today I have Orchid to share with you from Candeo Colors!  I was lucky enough to get a few at Melinda's last opening of her shop on Etsy, She also updates her Facebook with opens and pictures of colors, HERE.

I listed this last blog post, but again, here is a little more about Candeo and a description of Orchid:

Candeo - A latin word meaning to shine, glow or sparkle. Welcome to Candeo Colors! All polishes are hand mixed by me using existing colors, lacquer base and a myriad of loose glitters and pigments. I love all colors but I'm really drawn to jewel tones and holographic glitters. I take pride in my work and want you to love every color. I do not skimp on the glitter so you definitely get your money's worth. Check back often since this is a new venture and I will be adding colors frequently. PS- The chameleon was added to our logo because of their ability to change their naturally bright colors. Plus they are just plain awesome! 
Orchid has a shimmery fuchsia base and is loaded with small copper, light purple. magenta and large silver holographic hex glitter. 
Oh was this difficult to photograph! The base is a jelly, so the glitter reflects through it! It also is opaque in 2 coats, but for some reason, the pictures kinda make it look like it isn't :-(  I guess while taking them they looked worse than they turned out on my computer, but still.  *My disclaimer* - my pictures don't do this polish justice!!!! lol ;-)  I absolutely love it!
holo glitter!
Grey Skies!

 Candeo sells for $8 a bottle, plus shipping!  I think her shop sells very quickly as many are becoming aware of her awesome colors!  Keep an eye on her Facebook for upcoming openings!!

Much Love,