Friday, March 9, 2012

Zoya Kristen and OPI Gone Gonzo

Hello and a big hello to Friday!! ;-)  Today is a quick post, but I made sure to get you guys lots of pictures!!  I used 1 coat of Zoya Kristen and 1 coat of OPI Gone Gonzo.  I loved this mani so much that I actually wore it a few days instead of my usually changing my polish every day!  That says a lot for me :-) haha  It was hard to capture how pretty it was with my camera, but it really was nice in person.  I honestly almost skipped Gone Gonzo because of how thick and blingy it is.  I'm glad I changed my mind at the last second and got it from a friend for a swap!  I feel like the light blue Kristen really helped to make this a nice, wearable look!  On to more pictures!

Low lighting in my bedroom!

I hope you enjoyed another favorite combo of mine!  I think I will redo this someday as a tape mani to really give it a funky look!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I am so happy for the time change to have sun for a little later each night!  Yay for Spring coming!

Much Love,


  1. Love this combination!!! Really makes me regret that I wasn't able to snag any of the Muppets Collection :-(

  2. Gorgeous combo!! I love it ;0). Happy Friday!!!

  3. Gorgeous! This is going on my list of to dos. Although it will be with Essie Cocktail Bling instead of Kristen.

  4. this is pretty!! i found you on instagram, and i love your blog!

  5. Rustic Comfort - I believe they're still sold online? I could be wrong though. I hope you come across some! I just found a random one on clearance at my Ulta the other day, so keep your eyes open! ;-) Thank you!!

    Thank you, Marisa! I hope you had a great weekend!!

    Thank you Sunshine Rose! I love how it turned out too!

    Thank you Sara! That will be a gorgeous combination! I don't have that Essie! I just looked it up and it is very pretty!

    Thank you April K! I'm so glad you were able to find me! I really appreciate your support and it looks like you were my 100th, so thank you for that too!! :-D

  6. Great combination Crystal! These colours look like they were made to go with each other!