Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pretty & Polished 3 Golden Rules

I love gold/olive colored polish.  And this beauty is a gorgeous mixture of dark, rustic gold, almost an olive color with gold glitter and a very fine gold shimmer throughout.  Chels from Pretty & Polished was kind enough to do a full size bottle for me, since only minis were available!!  You can find her shop HERE, but she is currently closed to work through orders.  She should be opening again soon!  I noticed her items are selling out a lot quicker now, so a nice feature for Etsy is the "notify me by e-mail", so you'll keep up to date on if she's open or not!

I love the formula Pretty & Polished uses.  All of the ones I've tried from her apply like a dream.  She has quickly become one of my favorite frankeners.  I have many more on my list to order from her!!  I used 2 coats for the pictures below with Wicked Fast top coat.  On to all the pictures!

Overall, this color may not flatter me the *best*, but I am SO in love with it, it does not matter. LOL  Maybe with a little summer tan, it will look better ;-) 

As we all keep finding new frankenistas, I know it will be hard for them to keep in stock to please everyone.  I have a couple other brands coming my way, and am so excited to share them with you.  Hopefully there will be something for everyone out there.  I can't help but wonder how the big companies are doing!!  I know a lot of us are out buying the frankens, are any of you still buying all the big brands too?  I actually haven't in a while.  I start to pick one up and think, "hmmm, for this price, I could get a really unique franken, plus someone actually took the time to make it, write the label, wrap it, and send it to me."  I think that's what I find the most fun.  I've gotten tired seeing the same old, so this has been a great explosion of change. 

It's quite funny too, because my racks are filling quickly too.  I'm trying to keep brands together, but it's getting tighter and tighter...almost time for a helmer?!  The hubby said another row of racks - LOL I think he's crazy~!! I'd probably need a stool to reach them all ;-)  And I'm quite tall! hehe  I have to admit though, he was totally right about getting 6 racks - I sit here at night sometimes and just look at everything.  It's extremely soothing!!  I will have to get some updated pictures soon with all the new ones that have been coming in ;-)

I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful day! 

Much Love,


  1. Not to my tastes but it is a nice looking polish.

  2. Thanks Melissa! I know it's not for everyone, but luckily her shop is all different items! That's another reason I love buying from her! ;-)

  3. This colour is unusual, but in a good way! It looks good on you, and would look even better with a tan!