Monday, March 19, 2012

OPI Glove You So Much

Today I kept it plain and simple!!  Red is such a classic color and when I found this at a little beauty supply store by my house, I couldn't pass it up!  The name, Glove You So Much, sounded familiar to me, probably from searching for Merry Midnight.  Both were a part of an OPI 2009 collection!  It was a random bottle mixed in with a bunch of other reds, but I figured I could give it a try!  I'm so glad I did!  It's a tad darker than a true red, but in the sun (as in the picture above), the shimmer really comes out and makes it glow.  It's a darker red than Zoya Isla or A-England Perceval for example.  Application was good, did 2 coats for pictues with 1 coat of Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.

Sunlight (at a stop light!)

I hope you enjoyed a simple yet beautiful polish today!  I always tend to pass by the reds because I think I have so many and that they're so similar.  When I got home, I was happy I didn't have anything similar to this one! 

Hope you all have a great week!  Can you believe how quick the weekend goes by?  I didn't get things done that I wanted to, but instead had a Harry Potter Marathon!  ;-) lol

Much Love,


  1. This is gorgeous!!! It looks great on you!!

  2. Ahhh I love this! I'm a huge fan of vampy, shimmery reds so this one is right up my alley. Gorgeous!

  3. HOLY MOLY!!! I need to seek this baby out. :-O the picture with flash makes it look very pretty , sort of purply pinky red! LOVE!

  4. Thank you SO much Marisa!!!! that means so much!! ;-)

    Jacqui, me too!! thank you!!!

    Esther, it is lovely isn't it!!! thank you!!

  5. This is definitely my kind of red!