Monday, March 12, 2012

Fierce Frankens Berry Slushie and Melted Sprinkles

Hello everyone!!  This weekend we set the clocks ahead, so I'm thrilled to gain the extra sunlight in the evening!!  Losing an hour wasn't most fun though haha, at least it's on the weekend so I could sleep in!!  However, with all the fun on Etsy, I didn't sleep much!  I have lots to show you soon!  But back to today's post!  I have Berry Slushie and Melted Sprinkles!  I love the names that Nory, from Fierce Frankens, comes up with!  For purchasing, please check out Nory's website HERE.  She is a sweetheart and has other colors available as well!

Berry Slushie is a light lavendar creme with small glitter particles and some hexagons as well.  The colors are Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, and Pink.  The creme is pretty opaque and only took two coats for the pictures.  I like how you can see the hexagons burried under neath, giving it that layered feel.  The first few pictures are the most accurate, but the others show how the lighting affected the color.


This polish reminded me that my local ice cream shop re-opened (they close during winter) on Saturday!  I quick ran over and got me and the hubby a smoothie!  It was delicious! ;-)

Next up is Melted Sprinkles!  I ordered this with my Princess Abby, which you can see  HERE. I just love how unique this is!  It's a white cream that has buried little tidbits of color!  They are light pastel colors of blue, pink and purple.  There are some holographic hexagons in the bottle, but I couldn't get them to translate on the nail.  I like the look of this though, because it's soft with a hint of the colors.  And since I'm loving white nail polish lately, this fits right in with my collection!!  I know some whites can be chalky or need lots of coats, but this was great in 2 coats!  It is thick, but it applies well!

sun set lighting

So what do you think of these beauties!?  Are you a fan of the white polish like I am?  And how about all these Frankenistas!  I love all the creativity!  Make sure you check out the other colors Nory has to offer on her site, HERE.  Keep an eye out, because I know Marisa of Polish Obsession will have others to share with you!  And you can find her swatch of Melted Sprinkles HERE!!

Have a great week! ;-)

Much Love,


Berry Slushies was sent to me for review.  All thoughts and opinions in this post are of my own. 


  1. I love both of these!!!! The one place I have NOT checked out for polishes is Etsy, looks like I am missing out! I will definitely need to head on over there and take a look because these are simply gorgeous!
    I love the white one especially, she hit the nail on the head with the name :-)

  2. I knew Melted Sprinkles would look great on you!! It's so you. So does Berry Slushie. That is one of my favorites. It's so beautiful! Thanks for the shout out ;0).

  3. DROOLING over Melted Sprinkles! You know how obsessed I am with white frankens with GLITTAAAAAAAAAAAA! In love, now I have a brand new lemming thanks to your great swatches!

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely post! They look great on you!!

  5. Rustic Comfort, Nory sell these on her site, not through Etsy, so follow the links in the post to find her - Fierce, Makeup, and Nails! ;-) Thank you!! I love the name too!

    aw!! Thank you, Marisa! Melted Sprinkles is SO much fun! hehe And you're welcome!

    Marketta! I know, I must get that and Princess Abby!! ;-) Glad you liked the swatches and you will get them soon!!!!

    Chichicho Chichicho - thank you!!! ;-)

    Aw Thank you Nory! Thank you for your awesome creations!! You did great!

  6. Still waiting to fall in love with white polishes, but I love Berry Slushie!!

  7. OMG I want all of these!!! Gorgeous!