Monday, March 4, 2013

Jindie Nails - Candy Land

Hello Everyone!!! Time for another week to fly by so it can be the weekend again....haha :-)  I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  I did some swatching, saw some friends, and spent time with Mr. CC!  And I was able to read a book too.  Love not having to run around on the weekend!

Today I am so excited to show you Candy Land by Jindie Nails!!!  You can purchase Jindie Nails from Jen, the owner, on Etsy at  She is unfortunately on vacation mode though, but you can click to be notified by e-mail when she returns.

Here is a bit of info on her shop:
To see a list of all shades & collections along with prices and blog links, please see the Google doc spreadsheet by copying the link here:

Hopefully by the next restock, I will have my new website up and running and it will have full collections there for purchase. There will also be a 5 minute cart holding system to help with the cart jacking :)! The new website will be There are no listings on the new website yet. When my new website opens, I will keep my Etsy store open as well, but offer collections along with individual polishes, and the website will offer a more relaxing shopping experience. Please use the Google doc link above for more info.   

You can also purchase Jindie Nails through the following stockists websites: Llarowe,  Mei Mei's Signature's, and Ninja Polish.  For a more up to date status and monthly giveaways, make sure to like Jindie Nails Facebook page or follow on Instagram @jindienails (Instagram for PC:

There is another version of this that is called Candy Land ReMix, so I don't confuse anyone!  I absolutely love this version because the base is a nice bright white, and the neon glitter hexes shine through!  The other version is a little different but still beautiful! 
For this mani, I used 2 coats, making sure to pause between coats as the white base is a little thick (which is great for opaque), but I didn't want to have any problems getting the neon glitters where I wanted.   I finished with Clearly on Top by KBShimmer.  I love how this turned out!! 
A note from Jindie Nails: "Place your bottles upside down before using and it will help distribute the glitter very well. The dab and place method may have to be used for this polish. I didn't have much of a problem but I know some have. The neon glitters in this are transparent and super thin so they can be pesky but the pay off is WELL worth it!"
I held my bottle upsidedown a minute, and had absolutely no issues getting the glitter out!  I know some of the larger hexes can sink, but I was able to snag them to get them on the nail!  I did do a little placing to get everything spread out, but as said above, it's because the glitters are thin and like to stick together some.  I agree though, TOTALLY worth it!
^^^^^ This picture makes me drool! It looks like something yummy I want to eat! hehe
Bottle shot...look at all this awesome glitter!
So the sun was setting and I decided to get a few shots outside (yes! we had some sun today!!! Still cold though - blah).  I think it shows the glitters SO well!
Love the labels!
I really, really want to go black light bowling with these nails!! How awesome would they look!?
Close ups!
Hope you enjoyed my first try with Jindie Nails!  I'm a fan!  This is gorgeous.  In case you missed above, you can purchase Jindie Nails from Jen, the owner, on Etsy at, but she will be moving to soon!  You can also purchase Jindie Nails through the following stockists websites: Llarowe, Mei Mei's Signature's, and Ninja Polish.
Hope you have a great day and week!
Much Love,


  1. This is so beautiful! WOW, I just love this look.

  2. This is awesome! I love the bright neon glitter.

  3. This is literally my favorite polish of all time!!! LOVE IT!