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Disturbed Polish - Yay! More Tax Deductions!

Hi Everyone!!  Today I have a gorgeous white based polish to show you, and some other goodies!! ;-)  I came across Disturbing Behavior on Instagram.  I honestly can't even remember how I found it, but I am SO thankful that I did.  I have to warn, Disturbed Polish is not for children, as some of her names are pretty naughty!! lol  This is a tamer name, Yay! More Tax Deductions!  Which reminds me...I do have to finish my taxes!  Ugh~! haha ;-)
For this mani, I used 2 coats of Yay! More Tax Deductions and topped with Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.  I absolutely love how the white base make the glitters soft and flirty!  There are green, blue, purple, and pink glitters throughout. 
This polish is great for tax season :-)  And for Spring!  I love it~!
So here are a couple packages I've ordered from Annette, the owner.  You can shop at for all these fantastic goodies!  I love that she does everything natural!!  Plus polishes?  I'm in heaven.
I love how she wraps everything so they are all like mini presents!
Dimply Butt Butter.  Omg - enough said.  I am IN LOVE with this product.  It is sensational.  I will talk more on that below!
More goodies! 
So now that I'm stocked on my DP products, lets take a closer look at a few fantastic items!  First up, the Dimply Butt Bar!!  I posted a peek at this on Instagram and am SO glad that others have given this a chance.  Actually, I am now having to fight everyone to order this and the Dimply Butt Butter :-)  Totally a great thing for Annette though!! 
So this is the bar version below (used a few times).  The coffee beans help massage the lotion in.  It's very thick, but as it warms against your skin, it softens.  I love how soft it makes my skin!  The point of this product is to help firm skin and reduce cellulite.  Since I tanned a lot while in high school, my skin had lost some of it's elasticity.  So stupid, but I loved it.  I regret it now, of course, especially with having moles removed :-(  Anyway, I can tell a big difference in my butt and back of thighs.  I know this may not be an answer for everyone, but it has been a miracle balm for me.  I'm not ready to show any pictures, but I do have Mr. CC's approval!! haha ;-)
This and the DBB are currently sold out, but you can follow Annette on Instagram as @playwanet, and she is great about posting restocks!  I have to say though, if you see and want it, order it because others are snatching these up quick!  Dimply Butt Bar - HERE and Dimply Butt Butter - HERE.  They are $11 each.
I wanted to include Annette's description, even though it is quite long.  I have tried other products for my thighs, but this seems to be the best I've found!  I LOVE that she spends so much time perfecting her products and can tell how much thought has gone into this.  I am definitely a fan, as I stocked up on Dimply Butt Butter to last me through the summer!  These probably won't be sold over the summer, as the heat can melt it, causing it to not be as effective.  I store my unused ones in the fridge to keep them longer, but you can keep them in a cool spot.  Here is more information!
This incredible Shea/Cocoa Bar has been infused, blended, pressed and whipped with a perfect amount of Essential oils, oils, butters, wax, and herbs to help you work on those fussy middle section issues like stretch marks, loose skin, Cellulite and other skin issues as we age and have children our weight and age play its role on our skin. ( also safe to use on any of your other parts that might need help too!!)
This perfect mix has been designed by me personally, no one else has this mixture I assure you, this has been made with years of trial and error to help me correct my own imperfections from having 5 children and too many surgeries to list, as well as years of almost being bed ridden, I spent years searching out over the counter lotions and bars to help my sagging, stretch mark ridden skin and now I'm here sharing it with you.
This butter used in conjunction with a short routine will help reduce the appearance of Cellulite and Stretch marks as well as tighten the skin*
This is one almost 3 oz incredibly rich Body Bar, When purchased a short instruction sheet will be enclosed to assure you get the most benefits out of your Dimply Butt Bar.
Shipping is 2.50 for the first product and .50 for ea additional, sorry no international shipping as of yet.
*Note the statements, and claims made here are of my own findings using this product, no results are guaranteed by the seller. For External use only, Keep in a cool place, can be stored in Refrigerator to extended life but is not necessary.
Please note, this product does contain nut oils, nut products, sellers will not be held responsible for misuse or used by a individual with allergies to this product or any listed on
List of Ingredients and herbs as they pertain to this product, they have other benefits but these listed here are how they benefit and make this product AWESOME!!!
Chamomile : heal, soothes skin and skin irritations
Peppermint : reduces swelling helps irritations and disorders
Rosehip : skin regeneration, scar formation and postsurgical adhesions
Red Raspberry: helps tighten and firm skin, relives irritation and inflammation
Rosemary: firms saggy skin, increases blood flow
Basil: enhances dull skin reduces acne, and reduces skin irritation and itching
Sassafras: relieves eczema, acne, psoriasis and reduces swelling
Lavender + essential oil: reduces formation of scars, promotes healing
Jasmine + essential Oil: helps minimize scarring and stretch marks
Lemon essential Oil: reduces sweat, promotes circulation
Lemongrass essential oil: reduces body odor, reduces cellulite
Lime oil: banish wrinkled orange peel skin called cellulite
Spearmint oil: calm skin, reduces itchy skin
Grapefruit oil: reduces appearance of cellulite by pulling excess water through the semi-permeable skin membranes
Cypress essential oil: reduces varicose and broken veins
Eucalyptus essential oil: helps heal skin relieves muscle spasms
Geranium essential oil: helps tighten skin, enhancing natural skin elasticity and promotes healing scars
Tea Tree essential oil: speeds healing, fights infections
Coffee oil: reduces redness, inflammation, reduces swelling, cellulite, skin tone and smoothes skin
Apricot Kernel oil: helps reverse premature aging of skin with its high levels of Vit E and helps elasticity
Hemp Seed oil: helps dry skin, blotches & lesions. Detoxify, evens skin tone. Wont clog pores
Coconut oil: Anti-aging and helps wrinkles, stretch marks, acne and eczema
Shea Butter: moisturizer, conditioner and heals damaged skin
Cocoa Butter: promotes elasticity. Helps reduce cellulite
Beeswax: protects skin, as well as a anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
Vitamin E: antioxidant that protects and repairs, as well as a preservative to keep this product fresh

These are awesome body butters!  Yellow is Cocoa/Shea Body Butter and blue is Natural Body Butter Lemon-Jaz.  These smell SO good.  Actually, the Lemon-Jaz smells so good, my dog ate it!!!! No worries, Annette checked with her vet and Coda is just fine.  I still think he is a brat though, haha.  These sell for $7.50 each.   I have made the hubby give me a couple massages with them!  It melts on to the skin nicely!

This is the The Everything Balm -Whipped Jumbo for $9.50.  This smells so good to me.  It reminds me of the Dimply Butt Butter smell, although I know they are slightly different.  It is a calming scent to me and nice thick balm for, well, everything!!!  I actually use this on my moles that I had removed.  I've had bad scars on my stomach and this has helped to soften them!  I can't believe it.  I'm hoping with continued use, they will look less noticeable!  Wouldn't that be amazing!? 
And my newest love, Ultimate ZIT Fighter Bar Jumbo ($11).  This is SO awesome.  I break out a lot lately, and I think it's because my skin is sensitive.  I have used this daily for the past week and finish with a heavy moisturizer before bed (as this soap can be very drying) and have had great results.  I know that everyone is different, so Annette recommends using this only every few days because it is strong.  I am extremely happy with this and the other face soap, Zit-Fighter Crunchy Black Soap ($3.50).  I follow the directions and pinch off a piece and lather it with water.  It soaps up nicely and then I put the piece back into a air tight container.  Both products should last me quite a while!
One thing I've noticed about Annette is that she is amazing at customer service. She offers quick shipping and restocks quite frequently. She often includes little gifts, including this offer of the Ultimate ZIT Fighter Bar Mini *with purchase. She loves feedback and listens to what customers want. 
She has asked me a couple times if I ever need anything specific, just let her know and she will see what she can do to make it. I actually had a lip balm from another company, Lavender Mint. I showed her the label and she recreated it for me - AMAZING! I mean, what a sweetheart. It makes me SO happy when I can find not only products I love, but a wonderful person behind it. I think I should just give her my paycheck, but it's easy to want to try everything she comes out with. I know I'm not going into details about other products, like the Anti-Hag Eye Balm, which I use every night and love that my under eyes are looking more refreshed than ever!  But hopefully I'll have more reviews on her products in the future.  I know she keeps coming out with more stuff that I want to try, so I'm sure I'll order again very soon! 
Her polishes are quite fun too!  I haven't even really had a chance to check those out, being so in love with her other products.   Please stop by to check everything out.  I hope if you try something, you will love it as much as I do!

Have a fantastic day!  ;-)
Much Love,

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  1. I found Annette's polish today & I am so glad to have found your review on her products because I am interested in several! Thanks for sharing your experience - I will definitely go buy from her shop!!!