Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sorry No Post!

Hi lovelies!

The past few days have not gone as planned!!! I needed a mini break, since this week has just been so intense. I had hopes of swatching the past few nights, but I keep getting stuck late at work and have been too exhausted to try to focus on anything once I do get home. I am so thankful everyone understands that life just sometimes gets crazy :-) I really don't want to go on a hiatus or anything, so a mini break here and there will hopefully help me to keep everything going!! Since blogging is my hobby, I'd hate to lose the one thing that is my extra fun for the day! I can only hope everything slows down soon!!

I also appreciate all your thoughts, but don't worry about me too much! Mr. CC was sick last week and work has been crazy. My dog is also acting out and I'm very upset about it. So many other things going on that I don't want to bore you with, but everything is taking it's toll on me, and I'm extra emotional with all the extra stress. And no, I'm not preggo :-) Please don't think I'm making excuses, as I am usually under a lot of pressure. It's just been too much for me to blog everyday this week. I have hopes that next week will be better, but I'm taking it day by day. Again, I appreciate all the support and will do my very best because I know you guys enjoy my swatches (that brightens my days a lot, hope you all know that!!)

I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic day!! And weekend!! I will *try* to do some blog work over the weekend ;-)

Much Much Love,


  1. As someone who has taken a super long hiatus, no worries!! Like I always tell myself, the polish will still be there :-) ((hugs))

  2. Take your time girl, we all need breaks at some time :) Life does happen, and we all can relate. oxo

  3. Yup, all your fangirls (and I expect fanguys, too) will be here waiting for you, when you return.

    Have a fabulous and restful weekend.