Thursday, February 14, 2013

Frankenstine Polish - Dexter

Happy Valentine's Day to you, all my loves!!!  If I'm being cheesy, I think that all of you are my Valentine!  Or should I ask, Will you all be my Valentine?  :-)  It is part of the reason I wanted to have such a nice giveaway for you all!!  So enjoy the day my lovelies whether you have a significant other or not, you have me!! ;-)
Ok ok, onto today's mani!  I want to start out by saying, Christine, the owner of Frankenstine Polish, let me know she was sending this polish called Dexter, based on the show.  I honestly don't know a ton about the show, but have always heard such great things!  I might try to catch up, since my iPad has all of the seasons available OnDemand!  So cool, right? 
So I love how it's a red and white polish (I'll explain later if you don't know the show), and decided since today is Valentine's Day, that I would do a light pink base.  I eyed Cult Nails Enticing, since it's such a pretty shade.  I thought it would be girly to have the light pink and red and white glitters. 
So one perspective of this mani is to see it as a nice pairing with pink for this day of Love! 
For this mani, I used 3 coats of Cult Nails Enticing, and 1 coat of Frankenstine Polish Dexter, topping with Wicked Fast by Cult Nails.
So then I started thinking to the Dexter cover I always see around....
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Then Enticing started to remind me more of skin that pink, because I'm fair skinned (I didn't realize how tan he was, lol!).  So to me, this mani does look blood splatter on skin, which is what Christine was aiming for!  So cool right?  So now do you see this mani completely different after I said that?  Or am I the only one that doesn't watch Dexter? haha 
So please don't tell me anything about it!  I want to be surprised! ;-)  I did the same with True Blood, where I knew basic things about the show, but not enough about the story line.  Mr. CC and I went through all the seasons at once, which was so fun!
 Any way I look at this, I think the mani is a winner!  Dexter applied perfectly with the one coat. 
You can check Frankenstine Polish on Facebook for swatches of other colors! Christine is also on Instagram as @christineambrosia and has swatches there as well!! Here is some info on her ordering!
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Close Ups!
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I hope you enjoyed my Valentine's Day mani!  Hope your day is filled with love from all those you care about!

Much Love from me to you!

*This polish has been sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*

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  1. I really like this polish! And you should really watch Dexter. It's the one of the few shows that my hubby actually watches with me!