Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pretty & Polished - New Releases 2/8/13!

Hello Everyone!! I am SO excited to show you some gorgeous new Pretty and Polished shades that will be releasing on Friday, February 8!  Pretty & Polished was actually one of my first Indie polishes!  I have loved to see how the company has grown and hope it continues to in 2013.  So far, it looks like Chels, the owner, has lots of awesome ideas and great new products available!
You can purchase Pretty & Polished on Etsy or Pretty & Polished on MyShopify. You can also find out more information, upcoming collection information, along with swatches on Pretty & Polished - Facebook and at  I highly recommend taking a look around.  There are so many different options, I feel like Chels does a great job of mixing it up to keep everyone happy!
First I will show you the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes collection, starting with Perfection in White.

Chels described Perfection in White: This polish is white but it has a nice pearly finish and the tiniest silver/white shimmer! Amp up your white manicure with something flashy!

I was going to photograph using 2 coats, since it gave full coverage.  However, when I added my top coat (my Seche Vite is nearing it's end of days), it was too sticky and made it look kinda funny.  So instead of redoing, I added a third coat and didn't apply a top coat.  It's quite pretty without one!  I wanted to explain all that because it is gorgeous in two coats!  My second coat really evened it out.  Of course, 3 thinner coats would also work! And I love the shimmer to this white!

Next we have Marilyn!

Chels described Marilyn: This polish was absolutely inspired by the great Marilyn herself. A sexy red but with that gorgeous girly flash of neon pink!

This applied like a dream!  I use 2 coats and didn't need a top coat.  It is more pink based, including the pink shimmer, which is my favorite kind of red!  Plus I'm usually messy with reds and then my edges stain, but not with this!  I didn't have a lot of mess since the brush and formula was great, but whatever I did have access, cleaned up great!

Close up!

The last polish in the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes collection a gorgeous holo glitter topper!  Here it is with 1 coat over Perfection in White, and topped with Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.

Chels described A Girl's Best Friend: This clear polish is packed with "prism" or "holographic" glitters. We have some large glitters in here and they can a bit heavy. We recommend setting your bottle upside down and shaking it before use in case some of those larger heavier glitters want to hang out closer to the bottom of the bottle.
This glitter topper is sure to glitz up any manicure! It's like diamonds all over your nails :D

The next few pictures are my kitchen lighting.  I was trying to show some of the smaller holo sparkle!  Love the bottle below!

It's much prettier in person, as it was very hard to capture!

Close up!

Here is 1 coat of A Girl's Best Friend over Marilyn, topped with Wicked Fast by Cult Nails.

The bottle is just so gorgeous in these pics!! I LOVE it!

This is my bedroom lighting!  I had to adjust the color a bit, but look at that holo!!!

Kitchen lighting here, sorry for the orange looking, but I really wanted to show that holo!  I couldn't get the color to look accurate and finally gave up, lol!

Close up!

Next we have two color changing polishes!!!

First we have April Showers!!  What an cute name!  This is it cold.

Chels described April Showers:  One of our Spring color changing polishes! This polish will change colors depending on your body temp or the temp of your surroundings. You will find this to be a lovely shade of blue when cold but it turns white when warm and you can make out all the lovely blue glitters! 

This is 2 coats with Seche Vite top coat.  It is thick because there are a lot of glitters that are sort of hidden as you apply.  It was actually really fun to try for the first time because I wasn't sure what to expect when it turned cold!  I do love the look of this as blue though!  Great combination!

Close up!  Read to see what's in there!?

Ta-Da~!  Here it is hot!  I have been freezing today, so I had to run this under hot water.  Sorry for the red, dry skin but I wanted to show it accurately!  I had no idea those gorgeous blue hexes were going to look like that!  I absolutely love it.  Oh! and Circle Glitter!!!!

I don't know about you, but color changing polish just fascinates me, LOL.

Close up!

Next we have May Flowers!!  Are these two adorable names?   These first pictures are the cold temperature.

Chels described May Flowers:  Another color changing polish! This turns from a lovely spring green to a white. You will find a plethora of spring inspired glitters in this polish.

This is 2 coats with Seche Vite top coat. I love all the glitters in this!! Circle glitter, flower glitter, bright hexes that add pops of color! This is so much fun.

Close up! (PS Bubbles are from my old Seche Vite!)

Here we are after the hot water!  My tips started turning back though! haha

That little flower was a total surprise while I was painting!  And I love it!  I kind of made me want to dig around the bottle to find more!  I do think this is a perfect spring time polish!  It just makes me happy looking at it!  Goodbye Winter...I'm ready for Spring!  And so are my nails!

Close up!

I will have another post coming with the a few more that are releasing on Friday!  In case you missed it above, you can purchase Pretty & Polished on Etsy or Pretty & Polished on MyShopify. You can also find out more information, upcoming collection information, along with swatches on Pretty & Polished - Facebook and at

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I hope you enjoyed all these pretties!  Have a fabulous day ;-)

Much Love,

*These products have been sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*


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