Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Enchanted Polish - Finger Lickin' Good

Hello Everyone!!! Today I have another amazing glitter combination from Enchanted Polish!!  When I saw pics of this, I was instantly in love!! And I think it can look great over lots of colors!! I chose to layer this over OPI Significant Other Color.
SOC is actually very sheer.  I didn't even realize it!  I used 4 coats for these pictures!!!! WOW! But I knew I wanted this as the base.  It is actually a really cool color!  I had to show you a bunch of pics of it!!  Check it out!  It's a purple color with a yellow/green duochrome, depending on the light.
I then layered 1 coat of Finger Lickin' Good over top of OPI Significant Other Color and topped with Seche Vite.  I may have applied the glitter too quickly, since there were 4 coats of SOC, so it lost some of it's brush strokes.  If I did this combo again, I would layer SOC over a lighter purple and then add the glitter.  I still liked how this looked though!! Mostly because the glitter in this just amazes me.  I LOVE the mix of it!!!
You can purchase Enchanted Polish from Llarowe and Harlow & Co. Also, stay up to date with them on Facebook - Llarowe - Facebook and Harlow & Co. Facebook. You stay up to date with Enchanted Polish on Facebook. Keep an eye out, as Chelsea, the owner, will be having a 3000 follower giveaway on Facebook!!! 

Llarowe should have Enchanted Polish's Falloween Collection on the site this week!! Make sure to check out Llarowe - Facebook for details!
As you can see, Finger Lickin' Good has white, purple, black, yellow, lighter yellow, and orange with so many sizes and shapes! They are in shapes of squares, hexagons, and bar glitter! It's like a big party - for Falloween, of course!

For me, I really love when a polish has so many layers, that it is hard to take it all in.  Yet, it still isn't too much that it covers the nail completely, leaving it to look like...well, art, I suppose~!  Ever nail ends up different and it just looks so fun.  I love the complex creations by Chelsea, the owner of Enchanted Polish!

I hope you enjoyed this look at another Falloween color!! More to come soon!! ;-)
Hope you have a great day!
Much Love,


  1. This looks so awesome, I love all those colors in the glitter, perfect for Halloween!!

  2. Holy cow, there are so many different glitters in this polish! I love your layering combo!

  3. Your swatches are so beautiful, there must be something wrong with me for not following you earlier<333