Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wonder Beauty Products - Sorceress (scented!)

Good Morning!!  I have another scented polish by Wonder Beauty Products to show you!! This is Sorceress and it is Licorice scented!  At first thought, I assumed it was a black licorice scent maybe because of the darker color of it.  I think it smells a lot sweeter though, so if you're like me and aren't a huge fan of black licorice, this still smells SO good!!  I can get hints of the black licorice once the polish was completely dried, but it's not too overpowering!  I've said before how much I love Wonder Beauty Products scented polish!  It just adds even more fun to a mani to get little whiffs throughout the day while wearing it!!

Sorceress is a gorgeous sheer brown base loaded with beautiful glitters of silver, teal, and black shards, and brown, gold, teal, and blue hexagons of different sizes!  The gold and brown micro glitter in this really make it look like sand, which is why I layered this over a lighter color to show it off!  I think this is so beautiful for Fall!

I layered 1 coat of Sorceress over Cult Nails Baker.  You can see my previous swatches & review of Baker - HERE!  I topped it off with Seche Vite.

Keep an eye for this coming VERY soon at Jen's shop on Etsy, Wonder Beauty Products. Polishes range from $10-12, and are sold in palettes (jars) or bottles. Also, you can also see upcoming colors and get updates from her Blog and Facebook! She also sometimes does giveaways too, so I would follow her to stay up to date on information!!  She also has other new gorgeous colors for Fall and Halloween!  These are previewed on her Facebook page!

I wanted to show a couple shots of the Cult Nails Baker bottle with this mani.  You can see how the sheer brown base of Sorceress alters the color slightly.  This makes Sorceress great for layering!!

And a close up!! I love the pop of the gold glitter here!  And you can see some of the shards too!  This is my ring finger, but you can also see in pictures above a larger black shard on my middle finger!  I had no idea there were black shards in there until landed on my nail while painting! hehe  I love it!

I hope you enjoyed this look at Sorceress by Wonder Beauty Products!  This polish applied very well, and it is loaded with glitter making 1 coat full of sparkle!  The shards laid flat too, which is great!  Don't forget, it's scented like Licorice!  I believe these colors will be released tomorrow, September 21!!!  Make sure to check this and the others of her new collection out!

Have a great day!!

Much Love,

*This product has been sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*


  1. This is a pretty glitter. I can't do scented polishes though. I have a sensitive nose and those things bother me, lol.

  2. Pretty colour. I'm wearing a Revlon scented nail polish today. Every time I put my hands near my face I kind of want to puke ;)

  3. So pretty! And scented like licorice? I'm IN!!

  4. Pretty glitters in one nail enamel..I always wish to buy such like colours.. But your nail polish resembles with Xtras nail polish i have seen earlier.Is that website is also yours..???