Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Enchanted Polish - Spinkled

First, I want to remember all those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001.  Such a tragic event to forever change our history.

What is this pink post doing on my post today?  Well I will tell you... :-)  I stare at them all day long!  I contantly get jokes from people because I have them everywhere, but that's just how I work!!! LOL  I have some favorite pens too, including the black one I wrote the little scribbles with.  I love the bright post it's my work I always take those.  It's hard for me to go back to the plain yellow after such pretty pink!!  Anyhoo - One day I was staring at that pretty pink post it and said, I NEED A POLISH this color!! Right?  I've seen a couple pinks with black, but nothing exact of what I was thinking...then...


Please meet Spinkled by Enchanted Polish.  I'm pretty sure Chelsea took my brain and viewed what I wanted and poured it into a bottle.  There was help from a few other girl friends of mine (huge thank you for that), because then this beauty became a reality.  Who doesn't love when a good idea comes together?  So this pink is opaque in 2 coats, has black squares (YUM), with mini hexagons and holo speckles throughout!

Chelsea gave me the honor of naming it - and we both liked Spinkled - speckled black glitter contrasting with the hot pink.  It also reminds me of sPINKled because it's like pink with sprinkles! haha  So however you want to think of it, it's a fun mix of names, but an AMAZING polish that you must own.

Ok, so I said must own - which means it WILL be available, but just not yet.  I'm sorry, I know!  Such a tease.  But Chelsea will have this available next year (it's not as far away as it sounds...).  So if you haven't noticed by my excitement, this is truly a polish that I can call my TOP favorite of my collection.  It's hot, it's holo, and it's spinkled with squares = delicious.  Drool on... 

So did you know that Enchanted Polish is having a giveaway??  I would definitely enter because you could win a mini Falloween Collection - which these are ALL gorgeous colors coming out!  You can enter HERE!  Also, stay up to date with Enchanted Polish on Facebook.

I recommend checking out the Llarowe and Harlow & Co. shops to see other pretties by Enchanted Polish!  There are some amazing colors available, but a lot are out of stock!  They restock quite a bit, so make sure to follow them on Facebook for shop updates, Llarowe - Facebook and Harlow & Co. Facebook.

Here are a few more fun pictures I took!!


A huge thank you again to Chelsea for making my little post it-polish dream a reality!  I couldn't be happier!  I can't wait for you all to enjoy this too!!

I hope you all have a great day!

Much Love,


  1. This is so cute! I love me some enchanted polish!

  2. oh dear god...we're alike. i loooove anything pink and have a lot of it around my apartment...and we share a love of square glitter :P

    i get so much shit from the guys i work with that know me well since i love pink, but totally don't look like it would be my favorite color. all i wear is black, but these same people who know me know i usually have socks with pink on :P had to show my last supervisor since she didn't believe me haha

    this is gorgeous. can't wait until it is out.

  3. I love your post with your story with this polish! It's funny because your pink post is exactly the same color as the polish! that's incredible!!
    I keep seeing gorgeous polishes by Enchanted!!

  4. Such a lovely combination I love Pink as well

  5. I don't have many pink polishes, but I can see myself loving this one! It's gorgeous!