Monday, September 17, 2012

Sindie POP! - Fall Collection

Hello Everyone!!  I have the upcoming Sindie POP! Fall Collection to show you today!  This will be released on Friday, September 21, which is the day before the first day of Fall!  Can you believe it!?  Summer has flown by!!  Friday is also Jessica's, the owner, Birthday - so a Happy Early Birthday to her!! Here is a little bit of information Jessica shared when I posted her other collection, but in case you missed that I wanted to post it again.  You can also check out my swatches of her Princesses Collection!!
My name's Jessica and I want to put a little POP in your life. I created Sindie POP Lacquer because I'm the kind of person who values individuality. I also happened to be addicted to nail polish. When I discovered indie nail polishes I was quickly intrigued. The idea of having a nail polish that was custom made was amazing to me. I've always had a creative mind that needed outlets so I figured why not give it a try. So during my summer vacation from college I bit the bullet and invested all of the money I had saved up into this little adventure. I like to think of it more as an adventure than a business because making these nail polishes is the closest thing I have to fun in my life haha. This experience was originally going to be just a summer venture but I've enjoyed the whole experience so much that I can definitely see myself doing this for a long time to come. I love making the polishes knowing that every single one is a unique experience for every person using it. I will always try my best to make sure that you are left with nothing less than a smile on your face. I put 100% into everything from the creation process to the packaging process. I appreciate all kinds of feedback because there is always room for improvement. I hope you enjoy all of my products as much as I enjoy making them for you.
You will be able purchase these beauties at Full sizes are $8 and minis are $4.  Her previous collection is also available.  Jessica also included her descriptions on the colors, so here they are!! Oh! And just a warning, there are a TON of pictures ;-D
"Witching Hour is my official Halloween shade and I am obsessed with it! It is a clear base with your usual Halloween themed colors. It can be worn alone with nice coverage in 2 coats, or it can be layered over a black for added beauty (which I recommend). This polish can pretty much be worn over any color and will look beautiful."
I used 1 coat Witched Hour over ManGlaze Mink Mitten, which is a purple with silver shimmer in a foil finish.  I topped it with Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.  Unfortunately, my camera gave the purple glitters a bit more of a blue tint.  I apologize for that inaccuracy, but you will see some shots where it is more accurate.  There are also white, gold, orange, and green glitters with the purple ones!  This is gorgeous!  I can't wait to try some more layering combos!

The center of the bottle shows more accurate color of purple of the glitter.

"Golden Raspberries is a beautiful raspberry shade filled with gold glitter. This one just screams fall to me because it reminds me of thanksgiving so much! It can be worn alone with nice coverage in 2 coats, or it can be layered over a similar color for added beauty."

I love this one!!  I used two coats with 1 coat of Wicked Fast top coat.  It applied very well, with the glitters layering nicely giving it a deep look.  I love it in the sun, but even in the shade, that gold glitter just POPs (get it? Sindie POP!? lol)!! I love this combination of colors together.

"Velvet Darkness is a very wicked color that reminds me of fall so much! It's a deep purple jelly base filled with holo and other glitters. It is very dark and mysterious but the silver and holo makes it pop and stand out! It can be worn alone with nice coverage in 2-3 coats, or it can be layered over another similar color for added beauty."

When I received this, at first glance, the bottle looked very busy.  If I'm being honest, I wouldn't have bought this if I saw this at a store - BUT then I swatched it and I would have been crazy to pass this beauty by!  This is a surprise favorite for me.  I love the darkness of this with the red and silver glitters and the holo glitters are a nice subtle addition to this!  I used 2 coats with Wicked Fast top coat.  It almost looks bluish/purple, but the name is perfect because it is kind of like a Velvet color!  The jelly base just balances out the glitter perfectly!

Blurred to show some of the holo - so much more holo in person though!

"Sea Of Dreams is a blue jelly base loaded with glitter. Every time I look at it I wish I could just really swim in it! It is a mesmerizing shade with aquatic themed glitter inside. It can be worn alone with nice coverage in 1-2 coats, or it can be layered over a similar color for added beauty."

WOW! Would you believe I only used 1 coat!?  I topped it with Seche Vite and LOVE how you can achieve such a great coverage with one thick coat.  The polish itself is kind of thick, so I just spread it out over the nail and it looks amazing.  It is very pigmented, so just to be safe, maybe apply two base coats.  I only had 1 coat of base coat and I didn't have any staining, which I was also impressed by! I only had this on while swatching though.  I cannot wait to wear this for longer - it is simply stunning! 

I wish I could tell you which is my favorite, but I can't!! I seriously love all of these - especially at how different they all are!  Such a great mix in this collection!!  There is definitely something here for everyone, or if you're like me, you'll want them all!! :-)

Again, make sure you look for this Fall Collection to be available on this Friday, September 21!  and GUESS WHAT!?   Jessica will be having a special for the first 2 days this Fall Collection comes out. For the 21st-22nd, she'll be offering a free gift with purchase on all orders placed on those 2 days!!  So awesome right!?  So bookmark her website to check out on Friday,!!

I hope you enjoyed this look at her upcoming Fall Collection!!  Have a great day!!
Much Love,

*These products have been sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*


  1. I am in love with Sea of Dreams...AND Golden Raspberry....and pretty much all of them, haha!

  2. Pretty glitterbombs I love Velvet Darkness and Witching Hour.

  3. These are amazing! Phone alert has been set for Friday. I will be making a purchase for sure. Thanks for sharing these. I had not heard of this indie before!

  4. WOW! Great swatches! The "Sea of Dreams" is luscious! Thanks for sharing, have a nice weekend ^_^

  5. These are beautiful! I especially love Golden Raspberries and Sea of Dreams!!