Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Whimsical Ideas by Pam - Seuss

Hi everyone!!  Does this nail polish remind you of anything...?

I thought so too ;-)  Isn't this polish amazing!?  I fell in love when I saw pictures.  I immediately checked out Pam's Facebook page, HERE, which has tons of gorgeous colors listed!  The only problem is trying to decide what to order!!!!

She takes orders by e-mails, Once your order is complete, she will send you an invoice for you to pay her on PayPal. Her polishes are $10 each, plus shipping. 

Unfortunately, she did just post this on Facebook in regards to International Orders on her Facebook page, sorry ladies :-(
 many have asked about international shipping, and i'm completely torn on this. recently, i have not done any international shipping because of the lack of tracking numbers once a package leaves the US. i have been relatively lucky so far, but the stress of the unknown once a package leaves the US weighs on me. one of the reasons that i invoice the... way that i do is that i do not want to take your money unless i know that i can ship product in a timely manner. that being said, if anything should happen to your package in international shipping, it would break my heart. i hate to say; "once it leaves the US, i won't be responsible", but that is difficult, as well. the truth is, thought, that if your package is lost in transit, it is a bad situation for me and for you. i do not want anyone's money if they don't get product in return, but postal mistakes are out of my realm. i am very careful when shipping, but even with US orders, a simple typo on my part can route a package to parts unknown (um...rhonda...i'm thinking of you, here). ;) in addition, should there be an error in your order, it is easy to correct it in the US, but because of the price of shipping internationally, a simple mistake on my part can cost too much to make it feasible.  i hate to make this decision, but unless i can find a solution for this, i will not be shipping internationally. i am so sorry and i wish i didn't have to make this decision.

Seuss is a blue with blue shimmers, silver hexagons, and red smaller hexagons.  It applied extremely well, with glitters easily coming out of the bottle and on to the nail.  Pictures are shown with 2 coats and Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.

Outdoors - Shade

You can see my previous post on My Friend Carol, HERE.  I love these colors and so far love Pam's formulas and creativity!  I cannot wait to try more of her gorgeous creations! ;-)  I do have one more coming up soon to show you, Saturday Morning Cartoons!!!

Hope you have a great day!!

Much Love,


  1. I can't wait to get mine. Seuss is so gorgeous!!

  2. Love it! I ordered Suess and Peanut Butter and Jelly! :D

  3. I am so gutted I can;t get this, I emailed to order and she said she could not send. :-(