Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Daring Digits - Master Shake

No surprise here, another Etsy Indie Brand!!!! hahah Yay!!! :-)  Ok, but this one I not only love, but it is based on a show I used to watch!!  ATHF - Aqua Teen Hunger Force!!!  I actually haven't watched it in a while, but just saw they changed them name of the show, so weird!  Anyway, here is the characters below - L to R, Master Shake, Meatwad, and Frylock.  There is also their weird neighbor, Carl, not pictured.  It was on Adult Swim of the Cartoon Network late at night.  It probably is still on actually, but I'm not 100% sure ;-)  It was kind of an odd show, but Mr. CC and I loved it.

This picture is from Adult Swim's site. You can see more pictures/video clips here!

So you can see where the glitters come from - Master Shakes straw and gloves.  Even if you don't know who he is or anything about the show, this color fits right in with my latest craving of white with glitter or white glitters in other colors.  How gorgeous is this!?  It is a shimmery white base with the fun fuchsia and gold/yellow glitter!!  I used 3 coats for the pictures, with the third a tad thicker.  I then used 1 coat of Wicked Fast top coat.  Right now, Ashley is having a sale on her polishes, so you can get full size or minis for 20% off!  Full size Master Shake - HERE for $6.00 or mini Master Shake - HERE for $2.80.  More pictures!!

I zoomed in to show some of that shimmer! Gorgeous!
Sun was setting, but you can see how glossy it is (TC Wicked Fast by Cult Nails)

I hope you liked learning about Master Shake - both the polish and character!! ;-)  Ashley of Daring Digits has great customer service at her shop, so if you don't happen to see a full size or a mini available, send her a message and she will work with you for a custom order - even with the discount!

Have a great day!!! :-D  Is it wrong I kind of want a shake now?  LOL

Much Love,


  1. Love it! So I read the first half of the post thinking it said Monster Shake LOL! I used to watch ATHF too! Love it! And another great polish you have me lemming :)

  2. Gorgeous! It really reminds me of ice cream somehow! And may I just say that I'm jealous of your nails, they look great!

  3. Thank you Stephpiperr!! That is so funny ;-) I kept almost writing Master Chief because that is another color of hers!! Great show!

    Thank you Maria!! Me too!

    Thank you Paulina!! Isn't it gorgeous!?

    Hi Phlox!!! yes! I can see that! Yum! And what a compliment - that made my day!! Thank you SO much! I've been trying so hard to keep them loking nice for the blog! :-D

  4. Aaaahh, how I love this polish!!