Monday, April 30, 2012

Dollish Polish Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Glitter

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of...Glitter!!  Mr. CC totally started singing the song Dolly created this after!  It made me laugh that he knew right away!  Check out the video!!  You can sing with me, since it's stuck in my head now ;-) lol

Love that song.  Anyway LOVE this nail polish color too!!  I guess reading is a skill, because at first glance, I thought this was glitter in a white base!  I LOVE that it's a light mint with a gorgeous shimmer!  It is stunning!  Had I taken the time to read Dolly's description, I would have known that :-) hehe Here is her description:
The color itself is inspired by candy, with its delicious pale mint green cream sheen, and is loaded with varying size & shape glitters in lavender, pink, magenta, purple and turquoise. The name inspired by one of the best 80's songs of all time, Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics.

It applied extremely well, with 2 coats for the pictures with Wicked Fast top coat.  Sorry I couldn't grab any sun for the photos!  It was pretty grey yesterday!  I also am sure you can notice my mini pinky nail :-( that broke the other day and I've been using Orly Nail Repair kit, but finally just got tired of messing with it!  Hopefully it will grow quickly!


Can you see the shimmer in the pictures?  I tried to keep some of them that showed it!  The flash above on the pinky shows it!  Next time I wear it, I will hope for sun ;-)  Are you still listening to the song? lol  I know what you'll be singing all day....

To purchase Dollish Polish, please visit or for this color, here is the link -  Dolly will be taking a small break, but hopefully should restock soon!  I believe she is sold out of everything at the moment.  I try to announce openings on my Facebook or Twitter, as usually Dolly informs on her pages as well!
Hopefully you all had a great weekend!  I love catching up on sleep!  I needed it too!  Thing have been busy here!  I'm hoping for a calmer week, but we'll see ;-)

Much Love,


  1. so pretty, I love the subtle shimmer and mint base is gorgeous!
    this song it completely stuck in my head now hehe

  2. the color is nice, but the name is just great! I couldn't help but sing it))

  3. this is GORGEOUS! this is definitely on my dollish wishlist!

  4. Stunning Crystal! I had the tune in my head as soon as I saw the link in google reader. This looks perfect on you.x

  5. Looks like something that should eaten. Lol.. So pretty!