Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Perfect Pair - OPI

OPI - Stranger Tides with Spark de Triomphe over

I have been looking at these two since I organized my collection onto the shelves.  Side by side they sit, and I kept putting off the combo.  Not sure why, maybe it was just because I was being lazy to do a tape mani?  Tape manis are really not that hard, but for some reason, I still put it off.  Finally, I decided to put these two together and of course I love it.

Stranger Tides is from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection and is this lovely light green that makes me feel like it's a washed out or pastel army green.  Does that make sense? haha to me it does.  Anyway, the formula is ok, but I had some streaking even on the second coat, so I went for 3 in the picture.  I knew I would be layering it, but that half would show.  Nothing makes me more crazy than a bald spot on my nail! ;-)  I love the color though, not to bold, yet very different.

Spark de Triomphe came with a Serena Williams duo, France Glam Slam with the White Shatter.  It is clear base with tiny round glitter and larger chunks of round glitter.  The larger pieces reflect making it look extra glitzy.

I love this combination because it's very subtle.  The glitter isn't too in your face, yet it catches the eye so it's noticed!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures of a new favorite combo! ;-)  Have a great day!!!
Much Love,


  1. Very pretty! I get sad when I don't own the colors you use because I can't recreate it.

  2. I love it! Stranger Tides is one of my fave shades from that collection. I always get compliments when I wear it. I like how you spiced it up!

  3. Thank you Marisa and Donna!!!

    Aw! I'm sorry Sara! Haha glad you like it though!! ;-)

    Thank you Tracy!! Stranger Tides is such a great shade! It's calming to me :-) glad you like my twist on it!!!

  4. Great combo Crystal, looks good!