Friday, February 24, 2012

butter LONDON Wallis

I am a sucker for colors like this one.  butter LONDON Wallis is absolutely stunning in person.  It is like a gold shimmer/foil with hints of black and even has somewhat of an olive tone to it.  It's very differently from anything I have in my collection.  Honestly, the pictures do the talking here!  I did use 3 coats to make sure I had maximum coverage.  I felt like 2 left me with a few bald spots where you could see the dark color base.  The great thing about BL is that they have quick drying time!

I love their bottles.  Right now I have them on my shelf facing out, but if I get enough (I'm sure the day is coming where I run out of room), I can possibly turn them the other way so they're on the side.  Either way, they have a unique bottle!  The cap comes off so you can use a smaller round cap for painting.  I think before it used to only be the square!  I'd probably drop it! LOL  So I'm glad they added that little innovation! hehe

Not too much to talk about today!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!!  I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow!  This week has drained me! lol

Much Love,


  1. This color looks awesome on you Crystal!!

  2. That is an awesome color for you!! I hope you get all rested up this weekend!!

  3. i love this color! got it a few weeks ago, but as with most of my purchases, i've yet to use it!

  4. This is so nice! Not tried butter London yet because of price, but this colour makes me want to!!

  5. Thank you so much Marisa!! It's one of my favorites too ;-)

    Thank you Lissa!! I do love it too! And yes! I had some much needed relaxing over the weekend! I wish I could do this more! lol

    Thank you Gnarly Gnails! I think you'll love it when you get a chance to try it!!

    Thank you Saira!! They are a little higher in price, but I love when my store has sales! I hoping they have another buy 2, get one free soon!! ;-)

  6. I love Wallis! I love everything Butter London does.