Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nostalgic - Karma Chameleon

Hello Everyone!!! I'm excited to show you this gorgeous white with glitter from Nostalgic Nail Lacquer called Karma Chameleon!!  This is from the new collection, New Wave Winter!  I'm a HUGE fan of these colors, because she created 3 white with glitters!  And if you know me, those are my absolute favorite!! So I've been drooling over these since Erin, the owner, released pictures!  Plus the others in this collection are fantastic too, the pink and grey, plus the gorgeous glitter! 
I just love the colors in this one! It has lime green, yellow, pink, blue, orange, and purple, all in different sizes! I used 2 coats and topped with Wicked Fast top coat. 
Nostalgic Lacquer is sold at for $9.75. She also sometimes adds stock to her shop on Etsy, Nostalgic Lacquer. You can also find polishes at Overall Beauty - Nostalgic for $10 each. Kim, the owner of Overall Beauty, is very nice and has great customer service!
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I was able to snag one picture outside before the sun set completely!
Here is a yummy close up!!  Aren't the glitters beautiful in the milky white jelly base!?
I hope you enjoyed this look at Nostalgic!!   I have two more from this collection that I will show you soon!  This is a great white with glitters to add to my collection!  I just love the pastel look of the glitters!
Hope you have a great day!!
Much Love,
*This polish was sent to me for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.* 


  1. This is an awesome polish! I always fall for glitters in a white jelly base..

  2. i love it! don't have anything similar :(

  3. This is really pretty, I like the large lime green glitters! Another white glitter I need! :D

  4. This is beautiful... :) I love the green lime glitters there ~!! Another to add to the lemming..

    1. And I remembered you love white base polish crystal :p haha

  5. Ahh I think this is my favorite of the white ones she made. It looks like the most perfect polish ever for Easter or spring time!