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LynBDesigns - Top Hats and Scottie Dogs Collection - Part 2

Hello Everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend!  Today is a huge post!!  It is the second part of of the Top Hats and Scottie Dogs collection by LynBDesigns!  You can view the first part HERE!

The owner of LynBDesigns, Jenna, has some background as to why she created this collection!
"It's a tradition in my house to play Monopoly every year during the Holidays. We have vicious battles that sometimes end in tears. We have high stakes games that take hours on end to play, and we've even combined two boards to create the perfect frankened game."
I love this idea!! Games are so much fun, especially with the ones you love! :-)

These are available to purchase from LynBDesigns on Etsy. She has so many beautiful polishes!! If you see one here that you are looking for in particular, you can easily search the name in her shop. She has over 200 items in her shop! I recommend checking it out. PLUS she is having a $5 sale in appreciation of her fans! WITH FREE SHIPPING (to the US, sorry International ladies!).

Also, please make sure to check out her Facebook and Twitter @JennalynMiller for shop details and upcoming collection information!!

First up is Marvin Gardens!

Jenna says: My favorite of the yellow properties, it's really the only one that you can visualize in your head. So this polish is just that, what I see when I think of Marvin Gardens. Greens and yellows all blended together with yellow blossoms as the flowers.

This polish is a frosted yellow (it does have a bit of green tint to it, my pics make it look very yellow) base with white, yellow holographic, lime green, and green glitters.  It also has yellow flower glitters!  This is 3 coats topped with Diamont by Nubar.

Close up!

Since this is a bit sheer, I thought I would have some fun layering it!  I applied 2 coats of Orly Au Champagne (a white shimmer) and the ring finger is 1 coat of LynBDesigns Passing Go (up next).  I then topped with 1 coat of Marvin Gardens and Seche Vite.

I love how this mani turned out! I actually think this would be a great Spring mani too!!

Bottle shot!  You can see the holographic glitters in the bottle!

And a close up of the two colors with Marvin Gardens layered!

Next we have Passing Go!

Jenna says: I love when I get to pass go, you get money, hopefully you've made it past the major properties. What not to love. This color is a gorgeous green color that has color shifting loveliness. The shimmer changes from green to yellow to a pinkish red. It's stunning, but very hard to photograph.

As Jenna said, It is hard to photograph!  I was really only able to pick up on the shimmer through it, not the shift :-(  I love this green though!  It definitely reminds me of money!

I used 2 coats plus Diamont top coat by Nubar.

Next we have Houses and Hotels

Jenna says: Not meaning to I created the perfect Christmas polish with this color. It's all sorts of green and red glitters with gold flakies and a few black dots. Why black dot? When we get into a huge game sometimes we have the option of having more than one hotels per property when that happens we use Trivial Pursuit wheels. I told you, we have a frankened game.

For this mani, I layered 1 coat of Houses and Hotels over the 2 coats of Passing Go and topped with Diamond by Nubar.

I love the black dots! However, if you don't, they are easy to avoid.   They sink a little bit, so I recommend flipping the bottle upside down (supported so it doesn't fall) and they dots will float to the top.  I was able to get them out easier that way! 

The red and green glitters along with the gold flakies are SO beautiful in this!! I agree that this is the perfect Christmas combination! I think it would also look great over white!

Close up!

Next we have Boardwalk Empire!

Jenna says: There is no more important monopoly than that of Boardwalk and Park Place. If you have these you can rule the board. Boardwalk is a royal blue jelly base with purple and blue small shreds, and a mixture of light green and blue hexes. It's such a great color. It's a bit sheer because it's a jelly, but in three coats you get decent coverage.

Boardwalk is my favorite!  Park Place too, but I just love Boardwalk - that's all you have to say and people know what you're talking about!

I was able to get away with 2 coats (second was a little thicker) and topped with Seche Vite.  I love the glitters in this! and the blue jelly is gorgeous! There are shards of purple that shine along with teal hexes, some slightly tinted pale green hexes, and light blue/white squares!

It is so squishy!!!  Love the depth to this one!

Last but not least, we have Water Works!

Jenna says: Waterworks is a great sheer shimmery blue color loaded with all sorts of blues and greens. This color really stands out and makes an impression. I love the colors. 

I used 2 coats for the pictures topped with Diamont.  It is a frosted blue base with teal diamonds and  holographic hexes, silver hexes, the light green hexes, light blue/white squares, small white and blue hexagons.

Close Up!

I sometimes like frosts better layered, so I started with 2 coats of Roger That (blog post coming soon!) by Girly Bits!

I then applied 1 coat of Water Works (when searching on Etsy - WaterWorks is one word!) and topped with Seche Vite.  I think this turned out awesome!!  Since there is a lot of glitter in this, one coat layered gives full coverage of sparkle!

I am LOVING the teal diamonds!! They are SO pretty in this!!  Especially against the blue base.

Close up!  The shimmer in Water Works did dull the holo effect of Roger That, but that's ok, I still really like the combo and was surprised that a lot of my blues were too dark for this base or off on the hue!  These two worked really well together!

I hope you enjoyed the extra long post!!  I really wanted to do these justice and show that they can be used by layering too!  Again, if you liked any of these, I recommend buying now with the $5 sale at LynBDesigns!  (It will be running for a few more days I heard!)  
I love the search feature on Etsy!  It makes finding the polishes a lot easier!  Otherwise you can try browsing, as I found a lot of others to add to my list that way!!  I have a few on their way to me soon!! 

I hope you have a great day!!!
Much Love,


*These polishes were sent to me for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*

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  1. Amazing combos I love Marvin Gardens and Boardwalk Empire