Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sindie POP! - Holiday Collection - Part 2

Hello Everyone!!!  Welcome to Part 2 of Sindie POP! Lacquers Holiday Collection!!  Here are the bottle shots of what I'm going to show you today!  Also, I have to take a second to thank all my new friends here!! SO thankful for everyone here!

So as I mentioned yesterday, in my part 1 post HERE, Jessica's (the owner) Holiday Collection wrote some information as to where her inspiration came from!
"I wanted to branch out from the typical cookie cutter holiday themes like the red and green and white. I just wanted it to represent me a little more so I decided to make the colors about things that remind me more of the holidays. From drinks at holiday parties to the winter skies that I get to see every year. From the snowflakes that I have never gotten to see to the actual thing that reminds me of the holidays which is just anything sparkly. So this collection definitely has a lot of holo in it. I don't get to enjoy the holidays as much so I entertain myself by wearing the holidays on my fingernails."

I tried to do these colors justice, but it is so hard to capture that holo glitter! I really love this entire collection and am sure I can find more ways to wear these colors by layering!!

These are available at Individually they sell for $8.00 or you can pick up a complete set for $42. Make sure you find Jessica on Facebook - Sindie POP Lacquer, Twitter (@sindiepop), or Instagram (@sindiepoplacquer) for her sales updates and new color releases!!

First up, we have White Gold, but I used a base of 2 coats of Moxie by Rescue Beauty Lounge.  Here are some pictures of Moxie.

I then applied 1 coat of White Gold along with Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails.  Here is Jessica's description:
"White Gold doesn't have any real gold in it, but you'll feel like a million bucks wearing it on your nails. It's a sheer gold based polish with white and gold sparkles. This is a very sheer polish that is meant more as a top coat. It can be worn alone with coverage in 3-4 coats. But I definitely recommend to try it over white or black! It looks so luxurious over white I feel like a Hollywood starlet from the 20's. This polish also reminds me so much of snowflakes, golden snowflakes that is. I never get to see real snow so I made this polish to represent what I would want to fall on me during the holidays. Golden Snowflakes! White glitter tends to be very thick and heavy so this one definitely needs a good top coat to tame the polish."
I really want to try this over white based on Jessica's description, but I couldn't get over how much Moxie looked like this and thought it the perfect base!  White Gold applied perfectly and I love how the white and gold glitters are so subtle in the frosted gold base!  I thought the white glitters were nice, as they laid flat for me and didn't give any trouble! ;-)

I love shaded pictures because you can see the white glitters better!  I love how different this looks, very angelic!

And here is a nice close up for you to really see those glitters! ;-)

Next we have Holo At Me!, which is only 1 coat!!!  Don't you just love 1 coaters!?  I did apply a nice thick top coat of Poshe, as it did have a bit of texture to it!  Here is Jessica's description:

"Holo At Me! is a black crelly (cream/jelly) based polish filled with silver holo sparkle. Who doesn't love a good holo? I do! It is more of a subtle shimmer in the shade, but in the sun the holo is much more visible! It can be worn alone with nice coverage in 1-2 coats, or it can be layered over a base color for added beauty. This one dries matte so it definitely needs a good top coat."
This polish has so many holo sparkles in it!  It is beautiful!  And the black base doesn't bury them beneath it, but allows them to still sparkle and shine!

This is indoor lighting, but not direct, so you can see how it would look.  The silver glitters are still beautiful without being holographic, almost reminding me of the starts on a dark night!

I was so lucky to catch some sun!!  Isn't this fantastic?!  Blurred to show some of the holo!

Blurred close up, but you can see a few holo pieces and the silver pieces that aren't hitting the light.  In the photos (and direct sunlight) it may seem to have some transparency, but in person it looks black with 1 coat!

And last, but certainly not least, we have A Black & White Christmas.  Here is Jessica's description:

"A Black & White Christmas is a silver shimmer based polish with black and gray multi-sized glitter. It is also filled with everyone's favorite micro silver holo! I feel like this is a color I'd wear at a Christmas party in the 50's. I love it because it makes me feel retro like an old school Christmas. It can be worn alone with nice coverage in 2 coats, or it can be layered over a similar color for added beauty."

This polish is so unique!!! Part of why I love Sindie POP! Lacquers is because the creations are so different and fun.  I don't always wear a lot of frosted bases, but the holographic glitter adds to it, along with the other silver and black glitters.  It almost gives me a sort of salt and pepper feel!  I used 2 coats, except for the ring finger, which is 1 coat layered over 1 coat of a black polish.  All topped with Wicked Fast top coat.

In the shade it looks so frosty like ice!  I think this could be layered over other colors too to achieve different looks!

And a close up to see some holo and glitter!

As I mentioned, these and the ones I posted about yesterday are available at Individually they sell for $8.00 or you can pick up a complete set for $42. Stay tuned for the other three beauties in part 2!!! And again, make sure you find Jessica on Facebook - Sindie POP Lacquer, Twitter (@sindiepop), or Instagram (@sindiepoplacquer) to stay up on info about Sindie POP!

Hope you all have a great day!!

Much Love,

*These products have been sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*