Monday, November 19, 2012

Sindie POP! - Holiday Collection - Part 1

Hello!!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!!  I'm excited for this short week for Thanksgiving!  And our good friends are getting married on Friday!!! :-)  It should be a really fun wedding!!
Today I am going to show you the first part of the Sindie POP! Holiday collection!  Look at how adorable these are wrapped!  It felt like it was an early Christmas present!!

So for Jessica's (the owner) Holiday Collection, here is where her inspiration came from!
"I wanted to branch out from the typical cookie cutter holiday themes like the red and green and white. I just wanted it to represent me a little more so I decided to make the colors about things that remind me more of the holidays. From drinks at holiday parties to the winter skies that I get to see every year. From the snowflakes that I have never gotten to see to the actual thing that reminds me of the holidays which is just anything sparkly. So this collection definitely has a lot of holo in it. I don't get to enjoy the holidays as much so I entertain myself by wearing the holidays on my fingernails."

Such cute ideas! And these colors are fantastic! Especially with that holo glitter! It is so hard to capture for you guys, but in person is just mesmerizing!

These are already available at Individually they sell for $8.00 or you can pick up a complete set for $42. Make sure you find Jessica on Facebook - Sindie POP Lacquer, Twitter (@sindiepop), or Instagram (@sindiepoplacquer) for her sales updates and new color releases!!

Here are the bottle shots of what I'm going to show you today!

First up we have Sky Sparkle.  Here is a description by Jessica:
"Sky Sparkle is a sheer white based polish filled with holo sparkle and various multi-sized glitters. This is a complete glitter bomb so it is on the thicker side of the polish spectrum. It can be worn alone with nice coverage in 2-3 coats, but I definitely recommend to try it over white to preserve its state! I personally put it over so many colors and its beauty has yet to fade. This polish was inspired by the beautiful skies we get here in California during the fall/winter time. When I wear this polish it instantly puts a smile on my face because it reminds me of them in some way with the pink and teal colors. I hope it makes you guys smile too. Like I mentioned it is a thick polish so I definitely recommend your favorite glitter taming top coat for this lovely."

For the first few pictures, I only used 1 coat along with Poshe top coat.  I think it looks beautiful like this - especially for only having to apply 1 coat!!

I then applied another coat and topped with Poshe top coat again.  This brings out more of the white base and makes it more opaque.  I love the subtle holo through this and the pink teal/bluish glitters look fantastic together!

It is a little thick and I did notice that the polish likes to eat some of the top coat, so a thick top coat or second coat of a thinner top coat may be needed if you are looking for a smooth as glass look!   This applied perfectly and as I showed with one coat above, it has great coverage with lots of glitter!  It is worth the extra top coat care for such a beautiful polish in my opinion!

A delicious close up!  The tiny glitters are the holo, but with my light box, it doesn't show the sparkle as it looks in real life!  Trust me though, it is stunning!

Next we have Electric Purple.  Here is the info from Jessica:
"Electric Purple - Electric Purple is a purple to blue duochrome shimmer based polish with micro silver and fuchsia holo glitter. This beauty was named by my good friend Laura of Polish Addict 34. It can be worn alone with nice coverage in 2-3 coats, or it can be layered over a similar color for added beauty. This color especially stands out over black and dark colors because of the duochrome color shift!"
I am in love with this beauty!  I used 3 coats along with Poshe top coat.  I apologize for my skintone looking off, but the color looked correct so I didn't want to adjust the lighting on the photos.  I wasn't expecting this to be so shiny, but with the holo and pink glitters, along with the duochrome base - this polish is stunning!  It is very eye catching and I spent a lot of the day looking at it when I wore it! hehe


Here is a pic outside but the sun had gone down.  It looks like there might be some texture, but with the top coat it was very smooth.  This shows the pink glitter a little better!


This close up is blurred, but you can see the holo and fuchsia glitters!

For the next polish, I used Deborah Lippmann Sugar Daddy as a base.  Here it is with two coats.

Next we have Champagne Glitz.  Here is the info from Jessica!
"Champagne Glitz - Champagne Glitz is a clear based polish with various warm toned multi-size glitters. This bottle just reminds me of a holiday party and I love it. I can't drink yet but when I wear this on my nails I picture myself surrounded with friends enjoying a glass of champagne to keep me warm. It can be worn alone with nice coverage in 2-3 coats, or it can be layered over a base color for added beauty. I especially love it over any dark color."

I applied 1 coat of Champagne Glitz over Sugar Daddy and topped with Wicked Fast.  Sugar Daddy shifts from purple/rose/pink to a gold color, so I love these paired together!

My camera turns some of the glitters to look blue, but they are purple.  They do shine beautifully though and reflect in the light.  The name is perfect, but it does remind me of Champagne bubbles and it is very Glitzy!

You can see in the shade how it glows!

And here is a nice close up!

As I mentioned, these are available at Individually they sell for $8.00 or you can pick up a complete set for $42.  Stay tuned for the other three beauties in part 2!!!  And again, make sure you find Jessica on Facebook - Sindie POP Lacquer, Twitter (@sindiepop), or Instagram (@sindiepoplacquer) to stay up on info about Sindie POP!

Hope you all have a great day!!
Much Love,

*These products have been sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.*


  1. OMG I absolutely love the first one!!!!!

  2. Wow, this is a fantastic holiday collection! I think my favorite has to be Sky's just beautiful!!

  3. I just ordered Sky Sparkle! It looks great on you!!