Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KBShimmer - Band Geek and Cheerleader


Hello Everyone!!  Today I have two gorgeous colors from the Clique Collection of KBShimmer!  I ordered from Harlow & Co. and received this very quickly!!  These are listed as $9 each.  A few are still in stock!  Purchases over $50 are free shipping to anywhere!
You can also order through KBShimmer direct on her website.  Polishes are listed as $8.50.  Also, Christy, the owner, has an Etsy site,  She sells more than just polish!  She makes lotions, soaps, scrubs, bath bombs and lip balms! On her website, she does have a note for orders:
Please note, depending on the amount of orders, shipping for nail polish may take 7-10 Business days. I will be on vacation from 06/18-07/01 and will not be shipping orders during that time. Please do not count those dates in your estimated shipping timeframe. I do have a good stock of polish made, but if sales exceed my projections, I will have to make stock. I will contact you if for some reason I can not fill part of your order or expect a longer shipping delay. I will process in the order received, and will not be combining orders. I will refund shipping overages for PayPal orders per my policies; credit card orders will have shipping adjusted when cards are processed. I have added a flat rate shipping option, I can fit up to 12 polishes via this method.
Band Geek has blown my mind!  I think it is bling-tastic, yet I can totally picture this for one of the weddings I have this year with a simple black dress and bronze, silver, and gold jewelry matching the glitters!  Can you see it?!  It will catch your eye, but still looks very elegant to me!
I just love Christy's description!!!
In high school, kids tend to divide into like minded groups. This polish is part of the collection based on high school cliques. I admit it, I was a band geek. I played the flute, all jokes aside, band was a great time. This polish is an ode to the band geeks of the world. Black jelly base to represent the oboe and clarinet, several sizes of silver, copper, and gold to capture the flutes, horns, drums, and the rest of the band.  
I used 2 coats with 1 coat of Seche Vite.  In some pictures, the black jelly base does look transparent because of the lighting.  However, in person, it was not noticeable an did look opaque on the nail - only allowing the glitters to peek through!

Next we have a completely different color!  LOL  I just like the idea of a preppy cheerleader dating a band geek :-)  It doesn't always have to be about the jocks! hehe
Here is Christy's description:
In high school, kids tend to divide into like minded groups. This polish is part of the collection based on high school cliques. In a lot of teen movies, the popular girls tend to be cheerleaders. All pink and peppy, this polish is our shout out to those that live for team spirit. A pink jelly that has a hint of purple, this polish is loaded with white, purple, and blue matte glitters, for a unique polish full of depth. 
I love jellies!  Now of course, they are hard to capture!  I used 2 coats and 1 coat of Seche Vite for the pictures.  Similar to Band Geek's black jelly, the pink jelly is actually opaque even though the photos give it a hint of transparency!  This is actually a very bright color too!  I tried my best to capture it!  It does lean a tad purple in some lighting.  It is definitely HOT though!  I just love the matte glitters in it too!  They are white, purple, pink, and blue!

I hope you enjoyed my photos of Band Geek and Cheerleader!  Both are unique in my collection and gorgeous!  I can't wait to try layering them too! That always gives polish another look, especially when they are jellies!! :-D

Have a great day!

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  1. LOVE KB Shimmer. I just got and swatched Showgirl...OMG..AWESOME! Band Geek might have to make it's way to me now! Pretty!

  2. I love these KBShimmer polishes! Somehow I cannot find them :( Need to stalk her Etsy store ;)

  3. Both of the are amazing! I love all of the different shapes in the nail polishes xx

  4. Just bought my first KB Shimmers in Orange Pop and Lilac Dreams, plus a sugar scrub. OMG they are gorgeous!! I had such a hard time just choosing two, my new goal in life is to own them all ;)

  5. squeeeee! I just order Band Geek! Can't wait for it to get here! ... of course now you're making want Cheerleader too! >.< ack!

  6. These are both so gorgeous!! Love them on your Crystal :)

  7. Band geek is soo unusual and great!)

  8. Band Geek is amazing! I've never seen anything like it!