Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Enchanted Polish - Hey Jude


Hey everyone!!! Are you ready for some weird angles today? haha I could not get this polish to photograph properly for me!!! So please just take my word that it is stunning and you *need* it haha!  I am in love!!!

And of course, I've been singing this song since I got it!!  I even listened to it while writing this post for you guys ;-) hehe  So in case you want to too...

Ok, now that you're humming along with me...Chelsea, the owner of Enchanted Polish has been expanding to a few other online shops!  YAY!  You can purchase her gorgeous polishes from Katie at Harlow & Co - (which she said she will be stocking them around 9pm EST today!!!), or Leah Ann from Llarowe -, and of course her Etsy shop,  We're so lucky, because who doesn't LOVE a HOLO!? haha

Hey Jude is a duochrome that flashes from green/teal to purple, and I think I've even caught some blues and light purple!  Plus, not to mention, the holo is stunning! I was very disappointment for no sun after work yesterday to take better pictures.  I ran around the house trying to capture the color/holo, but it didn't work quite like I hoped!  Sorry!! I will reswatch on a sunny day :-)  For these pictures, I work 2 coats with top coat of Wicked Fast all day, but added an extra coat to make sure the color was rich for you guys ;-)  I did not apply a top coat for these pictures.

So guess what!  Chelsea is hosting a giveaway for some of her Enchanted Polish!!!!  Head over to her Facebook and "like" her page!  And tell a few friends too, because look what she has in store!
Hi everyone!!! There is a new Enchanted Polish collection coming out soon!!!! I see a giveaway on the horizon!!! Help Enchanted Polish get more likes and there will be free polish for one lucky person (or more!!! it's up to you)!!! If you guys can help me get to 1500 likes then one person will receive polish! If you can help me get to 2000 likes then two people will receive polish, 2500 likes and there will be three winners, 3000 likes and there will be FIVE winners!!! Each winner will receive 3 polishes from the new Collection!!!!! Photos of the collection will be released soon!! Let's go guys!!! :-)  P.S. the giveaway generator is at the top of this page right next to the "likes"... click on "giveaway" to enter!!!!!!!
How sweet of her!!  This being my first Enchanted Polish - I am dying to get my paws on some more to try!


These last two pictures I took at lunch - 2 coats - Wicked Fast top coat.  I was just in awe of it!!  I wish I would have grabbed better pics while I had the sun ;-)

I hope you guys enjoyed!  Don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!  I still have to take group shots of the bottles together and hopefully will have some time tomorrow ;-) 

Have a great day!!

Much Love,