Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OPI Save Me and Metallic 4 Life

OPI Save Me - Mr. CC

So I of course have been seeing lots of posts on the new Nicki Minaj collection from OPI. I knew I loved Metallic 4 Life from pictures and actually it's even better in person! My hubby was the one that requested Save Me since he's a huge bar glitter fan!!  Oh and yes!  That is him showing it off above!  I told him how some of the bloggers refer to their husbands as Mr. and their blog name.  He now calls himself Mr. CC, so I'm sure you'll see him spotlighted from time to time!  I personally love it - that he is SO supportive and that he can have fun with it too!

Here's a picture of my fur baby, Bear. He's helping me as I write this post in bed on my phone. Ok, really he's just wanting to cuddle, but he's cute, so I'll let him. His favorite thing to do is lay directly on top of me, making me his human pillow!! lol ;-)  Ok...on to polish haha

Anyway! Yesterday I wanted to do a Save Me mani! I took A-England Galahad as my base and put Save Me over it. I did have a problem with it flaking off through the day. I have no idea if it was Save Me, Galahad, or the Wicked Fast Cult Nails top coat. Or it was a mixture that caused it? I'm assuming it wasn't the TC since it hasn't given me problems before. I will wear Galahad and Save me individually soon to test it out!  I think it was just the glitter.  I maybe should have thrown some SV on it to make it less brittle.

A-England Galahad

Save Me is a clear base with silver round glitter pieces and holographic bar glitter.  Depending how the light catches it, the bar glitter can either look holographic or a mix of a teal color with some bars a pink color.

Galahad with Save Me

Metallic 4 Life is extra special!! Marisa from Polish Obsession (you can find her here: MarijoNails) and I did an exchange!! I am SO thrilled to have M4L!! It is awesome!! So a big thank you to her!!

Metallic 4 Life over A-England Avalon

Metallic 4 Life is a black jelly with foil, silver glitter. There are larger hexagons, smaller hexagons, and then very tiny little squares. I personally love to layer, so I immediately did some random colors to see how they looked!!  Also, it layers flatter on the nail than Save Me does.  I only used one coat of Wicked Fast by Cult Nails and my nails are pretty smooth!

LtoR: Zoya Kiki, Cult Nails Let Me Fly, Cult Nails In A Trance, and a-England Avalon
Then with Metallic 4 Life over each

I then decided I wanted to do a full mani with A-England Avalon and M4L. I really love the way it turned out!! Unfortunately my pictures turn the color more of a bluish that the true purple that it is!! Sorry!!

A-England Avalon

It's not nearly as blue as this is coming across - much more of a true purple.  It does really glow in person though.  It is a magical color.

This shows the color a smidge better, but please please please ignore my skin color!! ;-)

A-England Avalon with Metallic 4 Life

I personally like 1 coat of M4L, as it keeps it looking somewhat subtle and also let's the bit of color show through. Part of why I like the layering is that it brings each color to a bit of a murkier version. There are so many colors to layer this over!! So versatile!!!

I will touch more on a-England soon!! It's my hubby's favorite brand and I can't wait to show you why!!

Thanks for reading!! Hope you're enjoying so far! ;-)

Much Love,


  1. Both Save Me and M4L look great the way you layered them!!! I just got Avalon yesterday from Susan and I can't wait to try it. It's so pretty!!

  2. Thank you so much Marisa!! You'll love Avalon! ;-) Can't wait for your pics!

  3. I've never seen M4L layered over other colors and have to say I love it. I see a Let Me Fly/M4L mani in my near future. Thanks for the great idea.