Monday, January 30, 2012

Cult Nails - A Brand to Watch

My Beautiful Collection!!

I came across Cult Nails right after the amazing Unicorn Puke was released!! I started seeing swatches pop up here and there and began to do my research of how to get that beauty!!  Most polish collectors know the joke of Unicorn Pee AKA Clarins 230, so Maria made Unicorn Puke based on that joke. 

Clairvoyant (over piCture pOlish Denim)
It was just a short time later, I found the release of Clairvoyant during a Pre-sale of their Super Powers collection. I have to admit, I only bought it for Clairvoyant. The colors all looked nice, but for someone owning 450-500 polishes, I didn't think I *needed* them.  So glad I was wrong!


I received my package after they Pre-sale was over and started playing with the new colors. It was then I knew I had stumbled upon a wonderful company. This formula was amazing. And the best part was that they stayed on really well for me! Something I have trouble with!  I think I have oily nails or something.  I know for a while that Seche Vite would cause my polish to peel off in sheets!  I'm so thankful now to have found Wicked Fast top coat by Cult Nails!  It really works and it dries fast!

Mind Control

I began to take notice to the Cult Nails Facebook & Twitter accounts. I loved their energy and started to really connect with this brand. Maria, the owner, was a blogger herself that followed her dream of creating polish. How inspirational! I love those kinds of stories! 


On Black Friday, Cult Nails offered a great sale, so I was able to order almost the entire collection!! I didn't know until this past weekend how amazing some of those colors are!! I hadn't had a chance to try them all, so unfortunately they've been sitting!  For the ones I've tried before, I fell in love with them all over again.  And for the new ones I tried, I wasn't sure why I hadn't used them yet!

In a Trance

In a Trance with Hypnotize Me over

It's been a couple of months now and I just pre-ordered their next collection.  You can too here: Let's Get Nekkid Collection.  Toxic Seaweed is a limited edition.  If you have any interest, I would jump on it!  I know the colors will be released individually, but not sure exactly when.  I would check on the Cult Nails Facebook site for more details when they will be on the site. 

My Kind of Cool Aid

Unfortunately, Clairvoyant is out of stock and not able to be made at this time.  More information can be found here: Cali Trip.  Maria explains that the ingredient is not available, but she is looking for alternative materials.
My Kind of Cool Aid with Clairvoyant over ring finger

I am thrilled to support Cult Nails, because they truly offer a quality product along with passion for polish. Some of the bigger companies just produce shade after shade, sometimes almost exact to what they've released before. It's really nice to step back and find a company that puts a lot of effort into creating a nail polish collection.  I personally loved to learn more about their new collection, with the stories of each color.  You can read that here: Coming Soon - Let's Get Nekkid Collection
Layering Fun! My Kind of Cool Aid with Clairvoyant and Hypnotize Me on ring finger.
This I will definitely do as a full mani - isn't it gorgeous!?

Over the next year, we can look forward to many new collections coming our way. Maria will keep us on our toes, with even a spotlight collection from her daughter, Coco! I'd say this is a brand to watch, because they will offer amazing products this year, and hopefully many years to come!

If you would like to find these lovely polishes for yourself (instead of drooling at all these pictures! hehe)  Here is their website: Cult Nails.  I'm just a huge fan and want to make sure no one misses out on this company!  It is a top favorite of mine as you can tell from my post!

Also, I mentioned on my Twitter and Facebook about working on my spare bedroom to transform it to my beauty room!  I can't wait to share pictures with you soon!  I'm hoping to have it done by next week sometime!

Much Love,

*Edited to add*  Each polish lists for $10 on their site.  They do have glass files (they are amazing - $12) and treatments (base - $8, top coat - $8 or both together for $15).  There are a few collections listed for a discounted price as well.  So please check it out if you are interested!

Also, as a bonus, Maria will be offering all in stock colors for $5 for a day when she reaches 5,000 fans on Facebook!  So if you haven't "liked" them yet, please do!!  :-) Cult Nails Facebook Page here: Cult Nails Facebook


  1. Beautiful swatches :) I love Cult nails too and I'm super excited to see what creations Coco came up with!

  2. Great pics as always! i've never tried this polish brand before. Do they ship to Canada?

  3. Frosso, Thank you!! I can only imagine what this year will reveal! I love seeing sneak peeks on their Facebook page! It keeps me drooling! ;-)

    Tracy, Thank you!! I know they do ship to certain areas. I'm not sure where you are exactly located, but here are their FAQ that may help you. Also, when checking out, it gives you the option to select your Providence, hopefully they ship to you! If not, Maria is a sweetheart, so I would e-mail if you are interested. Each polish is $10! Forgot to mention that! ;-)

    "Do you ship Internationally? Yes and No. If you see your location on our site, then we ship there. We follow all postal regulations as we understand them for international orders. We are always adding new locations. If you do not see your location as an option, feel free to email us at and ask us to check out your location."

  4. My Kind of Cool Aid is really pretty!! Love your pics hon.

  5. Isn't it!? Love that one! Thank you Marisa!! ;-)

  6. These are gorgeous. DOn't own any Cult Nails Polishes, but soon... soon, I shall.

    Beautiful pictures and nails.