Friday, May 11, 2012

Spectraflair - ALL THE THINGS!


Hello!!! Happy Friday!  Today is a picture intensive post of the Spectraflair that I bought!  I found my from a web page on Facebook, HERE.  Here is information in regards to purchasing.
Welcome to your best-priced source for Spectraflair. Grades 14 and 35 available for purchase at $10/gram. Click "About" below for purchase information. Mission: To make the world holo, one sparkle at a time!  Description: Spectraflair grades 14 and 35 available for purchase at $10/gram. Shipping is included for U.S. shipping for up to 20 grams; international shipping is $5.00 per order for up to 20 grams. Paypal payments to Please add 5% to cover paypal fees. Please include your name, address and what you are ordering in your payment memo.
I ordered 1 gram each of 14 and 35.  I've read online that 1 gram can make about 4 bottles, using a 1/4 gram per bottle. 
Honestly though, I didn't measure.  I just poured what I thought might be about a fourth and went with it!  Not really scientific huh?  That's kinda how I cook too - just throw that in there, oh that looks good, add that too! LOL I'm pretty sure Mr. CC likes my cooking at least ;-)  But he helped me pour the each one into a clear bottle of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in 100 Invisible.  They each shook up really nicely!  But I must say, they sat for a few weeks and did settle!! :-(  So I left them upside and shook them around like a mad woman!
I believe these are of the 14 Spectraflair below as I was shaking I remembered to take pics because it just looked SO cool of the powder mixing with the polish!  I have been told to have a went ventilated area though, as it is not healthy to breathe this powder in!  However, a fan is not a good idea either, as this stuff will get everywhere!  Mr. CC took piece of paper and curved it into a funnel for the powder - it stuck to the paper even (sorry forgot pics of that).

And this was actually the first one I mixed but I only took one pic!  I believe this is the 35 grade.


So as you can kinda see, 14 is very fine and 35 is a bit more coarse.  Both make a lovely top coat though!  I did a comparison of these two, 1 coat each over black.

And as much as I want to Spectraflair all things, I have only used it a few times - I know, what am I thinking ;-)  But here is the 35 grade over OPI Hussy (that review can be found HERE).

Now I purchased these from the Facebook page because I had been recommended by a few people.  The transaction went smoothly and I do love the spectraflair!  I don't know a lot about the seller though.

I since then have found another source, Pam of Girly Bits.  I've ordered from her before and she also has a shop,  She sells the grams of 20 grade Spectraflair HERE and even sells a top coat pre mixed Hocus Pocus for $11.50 but it is currently out of stock.  I LOVE that name ;-) lol  And plus, it's so nice to just buy the bottle without the fuss!  I kind wish I had waited for that!  I did have fun playing with the powder too!  I want to put this top coat over everything and put Spectraflair powder in everything too.  Ok, I must put the Spectraflair away! LOL

Did you know that this stuff is car paint powder?  I read that somewhere, thought it was hilarious and interesting at the same time.  Oh us nail polish addicts really take things to a whole new level.  I kinda love the creativity.  Keeps things interesting and fresh. 

Hope you loved this post, please feel free to ask me questions!  I don't always get a chance to hop on a computer to reply to comments, but find me on my Twitter @CrazyCombos or on Facebook Crystal's Crazy Combos.  I usually relax on the weekends.  Catching up with house chores, doing those things I usually put off, spending time with Mr. CC, etc.  I do check my e-mail frequently too,  I don't ever want you guys to think I'm ignoring you!  Things have just been really busy for me the past few weeks, months?  I don't know.  I am not joking when I say my weeks are blurring together!  I'm ready for some Sunday Funday Beach Days though...hopefully warm weather is coming soon :-)

Ok enough rambling for one post!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Much Love,


  1. Oh, I want this too! It would be so amazing to make every polish holograhic! I looove holographic polishes.

  2. ahhhh stunning. I want to transplant your nails onto mine! ;)

  3. I prefer 35 based on your photos, but good God, I love it over the red!

  4. I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy it as the car paint powder? Hmm.... Anywho soooo pretty! I want some lol

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