Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daring Digits Duo


Hi Everyone!!  Another day of Daring Digits, and today I have 2 beauties to share with you!  First up, is Girl's Night Out.  I am SO glad I could capture the shimmers in this one!  It's almost hard to tell, but to me it sparkles blue, purple, and gold.  Sometimes I see pink and greens in there too.  It is just awesome!  The base is grey and jelly like.  It applies very well.  It is opaque in 2 coats, but I had a tiny bit of tipwear from wearing it and typing at work all day, so I applied another coat for pictures!   This polish could also be great for layering to transform your polish!

I believe this color isn't listed currently, but I think Ashley of Daring Digits will post more soon!  Otherwise, I'm sure you an send her a note requesting either a mini or full size in a custom order.  Her shop is located here -


I talked yesterday about how she didn't have base and found my previous order to not be up to her standards.  She insisted on redoing them so that I could have the quality product that she believes in!  And let me tell you, I do love the new formula better!  Here is a shot to show you how the glitter stays much more suspended in her base.  I took this picture yesterday, but wore this over the weekend, so the bottle has been sitting for a few days unshaken!  I'm so glad to see this new base is working for Ashley!


Next up, is Blueberry Square!  I layered 1 coat over Girl's Night Out.  I LOVE this glitter!  I can't wait to put it over some other colors that I have ideas for!  Stay tuned for that!  It is a blue square with white dots glitter in a clear base.  I just think this combo looks so cute together!   The glitter was easy to apply and spread out very well on the nail.  I love the reflectiveness of the blue squares and it almost looks like little polka dots mixed in!  :-)

Bottle shot!  So cool right!?

I hope you enjoyed these two Daring Digits!  Again, you can find the shop here-  You can find the full size Blueberry Square HERE!

I hope you have a great day!

Much Love,

Ashley sent me Blueberry Square for my review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog are of my own.